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If you have been following this blog at all you will know that I am very passionate about domestic violence and familiy law issues due to having lost a daughter on an access visit.  In Don’t just wear a white ribbon I spoke about some of what we had been though as a family.  I am writing a book called “Aimee’s Voice” as my daughter Aimee always wanted to have her voice heard in a family law system that ignores the voices of children.  Just below is the preface to the book.  I’m sharing it here as I’ve entered another competition for Best Australian Blogs but this one is attached to  Random House and it opens up an opportunity to finally get the book out to the world and get my gorgeous girl’s voice heard.

Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.”….. Lewis B Smedes

 Every person who graces this earth, whether it be for 100 years or but for a moment, leaves a legacy behind. That’s why we are born, to make a difference.   An angel who is born sleeping still leaves a legacy of love behind knowing that their parents will never be the same for having held them for but a brief moment in time.  An old lady who has lived for decades and seen many changes leaves a legacy of knowledge and wisdom, passed on to the next generation.  Both have changed the world just by being, regardless of how long.  We all need our lives to be witnessed by another person.  We are born to love and be loved.  That’s our main purpose.   

 I know with an absolute certainty that my 2 sons will leave a lasting legacy which will make this world a much better place.  They are strong, independent, smart and compassionate young men who have ambition and a dream to make their mark on this earth.   They have taken all the hardships that life has dealt them and still come out smiling.  They know the world is an amazing place and are determined to make it even better.   I am in awe of them.

My daughter  Aimee didn’t have time to make her mark on the world in the same way the boys will.  Yes, she certainly left a legacy of love and a wisdom well beyond her 10 years.  It was a wisdom of a soul who has lived many lives.  But in this lifetime, her death was premature.  She didn’t have time to show the world who she really was and what she was capable of.  She had huge dreams, she had a huge personality and most of all, she had a huge capacity to love. She also had a voice that wasn’t heard.  A voice that may have changed the way this world is.  She wanted to be heard by a legal system that ignores children.  If they had listened, my world would definitely be a different place.

I can’t turn back time.  I wish I could.  The only thing I can do is, finally, 17 years after she left our physical realm and earned her angels wings, I can give her a voice.  I can ensure that her  story is told, her voice finally heard and her death be not in vain.  Her life made a huge difference to me, to my life and to the way I viewed the world,  and now her death can make a difference to a legal system that is full of loopholes  which allow children to be pawns in the game of divorce.  Aimee left a huge void in our hearts when she died, but she left a lasting legacy, one of love and laughter…………………….. and, now, as she always wanted to do, one of change!!

It is so important to me to get this book published.  I owe it to her to finally have her voice heard.  This Blogger of the Year competition is in many parts and one of them is reader’s choice.  Please click on the link  (photo) below and go through till you find livonne and tick the box… keep going to the end to cast your vote and help me to achieve my goals.  You can also vote by twitter by using the hashtag #bestblogs13   It’s a story that needs to be told.  Thank you so much.

Happy Voting… Livvy 🙂