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And yet another chapter of my trip to Western Australia in 2006..

Day 8… The Bedroom Eyes Wineries

The lure of the pool was strong this morning so Sal and I, who had promised ourselves a swim last night, togged up and went downstairs to the pool area.  It looked so inviting and clean and blue.. so I dipped my toe in….. arghhhhh… It was a tad on the coolish side but as Chop and Annie were watching us, we couldn’t let them know we’d changed our minds so we soldiered on and I went  on in.  Sal, however took a bit longer to get past crotch level, sooky la la that she is.

Once we were fully submerged it was honestly lovely.  So we left the girls to make the breakfast and we cut some laps.  We came in a little while later to the inviting waft of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast cooking.  Ah this is the life.  Quick shower, breakfast, clean up (had to get rid of the leper skin from last night off the floor) and we were out the door ready for the next leg of our adventure.

Chop had been reading up on places of interest and she was rather excited by the idea of heading down to where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean so she whipped us all up into a frenzy of excitement and we headed down to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.  We stopped at Augusta on the way and went in to get some tourist information.  Annie and I left the naughty girls in the car and got lots of info about the area.  While I was in there I spied a petition to save the whale so I signed for me and Sal as I knew she’d want me to and we write the same anyway.  Surprisingly, we got back to find the car all in one piece so we headed further south.

We got to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and were most impressed.  I love lighthouses and this one was a beauty.  We fought our way through 200 kilometre an hour winds or at least that’s how they felt, and finally got the door open into the main reception area.  There were lots of different souvenirs and we had a look round before we faced the gale force winds outside again.  The weather thingie actually said they were 29 knot winds and two days before it had measured 70 knots.

There were some outer buildings around the place which were all marked as being made of asbestos and we had a good look around them and then down in front of the lighthouse where you could clearly see about 300 metres out from the shore, where the oceans met.  Wow.. It was pretty spectacular.  We got some good picture opportunities and then moved back out of the wind into the safe reception area.  We sat down in the cafe and I really wanted a chocolate milkshake.  We ordered 3 chocolate milkshakes, one for me, Chop and Annie and a latte for Sal.  The girl said it might take a while as there had been a sudden influx of at least people to the cafe so we patiently got a table and waited.. and waited……. and waited…………………………………………………and waited.

Sal and Chop needed to visit the little girl’s room and they were out the back through the gale force winds down near the lighthouse, so armed with their Chop of the Yukon doona coat and Sal’s MPB (Multi Purpose Blanket)  they headed out there while we waited for the refreshments.  While they battled the winds, Chop heard a strangled cry for help and turned to see Sal chasing her MPB.  Everytime she got near it, it blew away again and Sal was starting to get quite hysterical.  She had visions of the MPB blowing out onto the Indian Ocean  then to the Southern then back to the Indian again.  Chop on the other hand, had visions of having to swim out in her Chop of the Yukon Doona coat to rescue a soggy MPB and even soggier and waterlogged Sal.  Luckily Sal managed to avert the catastrophe by standing on a piece of fringing (probably the bit she stuck up my nose while I slept) and stopped it from flying out into the raging oceans.  Chop heaved a huge sigh of relief as she knew how bad the sooking would be if it had been lost.  We may even had had to have a Viking burial for it as it floated off to the sea with us shooting flaming arrows after it, letting it burn for all eternity.

Anyway, they finally headed back to us again, past the gale force winds and through the damn door that kept blowing shut and sat down hoping our drinks would be there by then…. but no they weren’t.  We read the touristy stuff we had collected earlier and waited.   We ate the little musk lollies I had bought and waited.  We gave those around us with refreshments on their tables as many stinky eyed looks as we could muster and waited.  We went through our picture we had taken, all 952 of them (Chop’s favorite number but it doesn’t come up very often) and we waited.

FINALLY…. Sal’s latte came.  Beauty, we thought.  That must mean our milkshakes are on their way but alas no!  So just for something different, we waited a bit more.  We gave a bit more stinky eye to other around us and to Sal and we waited and waited and waited and waited and….. oh you get the drift.  Finally Super Sal in her MPB (Multi Purpose Blanket that doubles as a super hero cape) went up to see where our milkshakes were.  I think she had a twinge of guilt at drinking her latte while we wait5ed with parched mouths for our refreshments.  Finally after an hour we got our milkshakes.  I think they forgot to put the chocolate topping in but I was not game to send it back in case it took another hour to put it in.  We were on a mission to  get to the wineries so we drank the colorless concoctions as they were.  At least it stopped our sudden death from dehydration.

Back in the car for our next leg of the tour, we headed up the coast again to retrace our steps back to the winery district.  It was a nice drive with very little of the usual disturbances from the back seat and we arrived at our first winery which was called Watershed.  The poor girl  behind the counter was a bit concerned over the presence of a dragonfly in the window.  So Super Sal, armed with the MPB which doubles as a Superhero cape (and occasional flying carpet) went to rescue it.  Of course we got the spiritual lessons from her about how dragonflies are really new souls and we nodded our heads in agreement like all good people do.  Sal found a glove near the woodpile and picked up Doris the Dragonfly and boldly set her free to fly another day.  Duty fulfilled we headed off to the next winery.

A friend of ours, Pianoman, had recommended the Howard Park Winery to us as he had painted a portrait of the owner so we headed there next.  They are the makers of Mad Fish wine and we had a few samples before asking if we could see the aforementioned painting.  They happily agreed and when we saw it we were all suitably impressed with it.  It was just fantastic.  We bought some more wine and headed off to the next place with a slight deviation along the way when we took the wrong driveway driving out of there.

Annie knew an owner of another of the wineries so we headed there next and although it wasn’t actually open, for special people, tasting time is anytime or so Mr McDreamy said.  He of the bedroom eyes poured us a few wines while we just gazed at him in delight.  We still had some nibblies in the car from last night so we brought those out to share with him.  So there we were… sitting in the shed of the winery, sipping glasses of scrumdidliumptious wine and eating yesterdays leftovers and all this in the company of a rather scrummy looking man.  All good things must come to an end though and we headed off to find another inn to rest our weary bones for the night.  Dunsborough was our next port of call.

We arrived in Dunsborough just on early evening and it was starting to get really cool so we booked into some cheap accommodation and the room we were given was the Sauvignon Blanc room.  We decided on take away for dinner and while Annie and Chop went to the supermarket to get some drinks and stuff, Sal and I took it upon ourselves to warm up the very shabby room.  I don’t think the holes in the wall helped the heating levels, nor did the lousy little column oil heater but we didn’t let that deter us.  It was a mere inconvenience to woman of intelligence such as ourselves.  We turned the said heater on and then proceeded to turn every hotplate on teh stove to full.  This quickly warmed the room up so it was snuggy and warm when Chop and Annie returned.

Sal and I headed out to get take away and we wanted chicken from the chicken franchise we’d seen earlier while the other two wanted fish and chips which we phoned and ordered. First stop was the chicken shop and we headed through the drive through.  We were greeted with the surprising news that the chicken shop didn’t have chickens.. mmmmmmm… Disappointing news indeed and being a tad annoyed that my evening’s dining plans had been thwarted we headed to the fish and chip shop.  The shop next door had chickens so we were impressed.  (til we tasted them.. yuck) At the fish shop the order was at least $10 more than it should have been and we realised they had given us fish cakes instead of potato cakes.  While they fixed that error, we sat and waited.  This seemed to be a pattern for the day.

When we got back, dinner in hand to the room we were a bit concerned with the smell of burning that greeted us.  We rushed over to the stove and turned all the hotplates off again.  We thought the heat had started to melt the knobs but we saved them in time and sat down to dinner.  When we were cleaning up afterwards, the girls opened the cupboard under the hotplates and we were greeted by a really strong smell of burning again.  It turns out that the wiring underneath the hotplates had started to catch fire.  Thank God we caught it in time.

After all the excitement and waiting for the day, we had showers, jumped into bed to watch some tv only to find out that the only channels they got on the fuzzy  screens were ABC and SBS.  Sigh.  We had an early night and I fell asleep to the sweet trio of snoring the girls produced.

Sauvignon Blanc room

cape leeuwin

southern and indian oceans

the portrait