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I stand and hold your hand as you lay sleeping

As I’ve done a thousand times before

But this time you’re in another’s keeping

And sadly I can’t hold you anymore


Your life on earth was everyday a wonder

Your laughter put the sunshine in my day

Now I feel my life is torn asunder

As I can’t hear you laugh or watch you play


My thoughts fly back to holding you the first time

Red hair, soft skin and eyes of brightest blue

Your sense of humour and determination

I hope you know how proud I was of you


As I pondered on the young lady you’d become

My heart with love and pride had swelled and grown

Your last sweet words to me were “mum I love you”

I’d never have let you go if I had known


That in one moment my life would be shattered

My darling girl and I’d be torn apart

And with our hearts so empty, bruised and battered

The boys and I must make a brand new start


But Aimee though I know your love goes with me

I see your freckled face while I’m asleep

I put my arms around you and I hold you

But then I wake.. and empty arms still make me weep

Happy birthday my precious Angel. xxx

My angel.