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It’s two weeks today until I fly out to go to Ireland.. The trip has just got a bit bigger (and even more exciting if thats possible) and we’re fitting in a day trip to Paris.. yes I know.. Only a day, you say? Well I figure that’s better than nothing at all.  I’ve always longed to see the Eiffel Tower up close and as long as I get to do that and have a  glass of wine and a croissant on the Champs Elysees I’m going to be a very happy little vegemite.

But of course, this means more money, so Im currently decluttering and trying to sell items to make sure I have enough money to do all the things I want to do over there.  I’m not getting rid of stuff I use but it’s all the stuff I don’t use.  Today has been sent taking photos of DVD’s, CD’s, unused camera equipment etc, not just to earn extra money but also to get a bit more space around here.

It’s really hard to know where to start to sell.  I’ve done the usual.. garage sale sites on Facebook, Ebay etc but they just don’t seem to be as good as they once were.  I’ve giving Quicksales a go this time and have been doing okay with that.  I don’t seem to get time to do markets at the moment and time is running out quick.  At least with the online stuff, I can do it all off my phone if I’m out. Quicksales does have an app now which makes it easier..  Selling is hard work..

The online garage sale thing annoys me a bit and it’s lots of waiting around for people to say yes, then organise a time to pick stuff up.  I think I prefer a real life garage sale where you choose the time and day and everything is hectic for about 5 hours.. but then it goes back to normal quickly. It can be quite an entertaining day if you choose to make it that way.

My problem is, I’m a hoarder.  Oh not like the ones you see on TV.. I’m sorry, that’s not hoarding.. I’ve never heard of anyone who collects maccas wrappers and stuff.. I like things.. I like pretty things.. I like useful things.. I like useless things.. I like bling.. I like music.. I like movies… I like snow domes.. Need I go on? I just love stuff.

When I started work, I decided that I was going to have a huge record collection, so every week when I got paid, I’d go into Brashes (an old music store) and buy myself a vinyl LP Record.  I would take it home… play it until I knew every word to every track on it, then next pay, would go buy another one.  My very first album was Don McLean’s American Pie.. The second was James Taylor’s Greatest Hits.  The third was Janis Ian’s Between the Lines..  Oh I can’t go on from there.. There were too many but every week I would still learn every word till I knew the whole album.  I have this plethora of words floating round in my poor old brain these days.. They don’t always sound like they used to. I think the singers must be singing them wrong lol.

So now I have nearly 400 LP’s, around 300 45’s, about 50 78’s, about 400 CD’s and probably about 100 DVD’s.. I’m not going to mention the costumes and props I have or my snow dome collection, because they all have to stay, as do my angels, my books and my little ornaments in my crystal cabinet.  I’m just clearing the clutter that has been accumulating and realistically is never used.   I still have a record player.. but it doesn’t play 78’s anyway.  No, it’s time it all went to other homes who will love my clutter as much as I have over the years.

I used to keep all my records in alphabetical order.  I still keep my CD’s in alphabetical order.  Ladies, Gents, Groups, Compilations, Soundtracks, Karaoke and Music from around the world.  The good thing is, I always know what I’m looking for.. The bad thing is… I just never play them anymore.  It really is time.  I’m already sad for them.. but they need more love than I can give them all.

Todays effort was DVD’s.  I have collected heaps over the years from garage sales (I’m much better at buying from garage sales than selling from them ) as generally, it was cheaper than renting them.  So I am sorting them into lots of 6 similar style movies and putting them all online.  Next I’m starting on the books I never read… First to go might be “Does clutter make my bum look fat” by Peter Walsh..  It all seems too little too late now lol.

Happy decluttering.. Livvy