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Whatever your gold at the Rainbow’s End, it’s sweeter by far when shared with a friend…..Livonne

Today is Saint Patrick’s day.  A great day for the Irish, those with Irish blood, those who want to be Irish…..oh it’s just a great day.  Having grown up with my Irish grandmother living with us, I identify strongly as being of Irish heritage and am very proud of it.  I’d always longed to go to Ireland and two years ago, I was extremely blessed to finally get there.  My cousin and I got to celebrate St Pat’s Day in Dublin. Even more exciting, my penfriend from my high school days came with her husband, from Sweden to meet us there.

What a buzz that is.  I could barely see the parade and when I heard the crowd Oooh or Ahhhh, I held my camera above my head and clicked, hoping for the best.  It worked.  I got some good shots.  After the parade, we wandered into a pub, got the last couple of seats and had a Guinness.  Not my choice of drink but I had my first (and probably last) on St Pat’s Day in a pub in Dublin.  It made it taste a whole lot better than it should have.

After a drink, we went walking around the streets of Dublin, watching thousands of people celebrate the day.  There were all ages and nationalities,  in all sorts of costumes and states of sobriety.  It was fantastic.  As we walked along one street, these two handsome leprechauns walked towards us. How could you possibly resist snapping a photo of them.  They laughed when they realised I had just captured them.

When I got home, their photo was  one of my very favourites of the whole trip.  They personified the day for me.  The colour, the fun, the camaraderie.  I decided though that something more needed to be done with them, so I put them on the bar of a little pub we went to on the way to Tipperary.  The sign on the door said Eagle’s Nest but I’m not exactly sure where we were as we didn’t have a set plan of travel.

As it happens, many many years ago, I attempted to learn Photoshop, (not very successfully I’m afraid).  The one thing I managed to do was to put an Irish band in a glass of Guinness, so of course, I had to put that on the bar as well.  This is one of my all time pieces that I’ve made.  What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2016 than by sharing this with you.

I have another reason for sharing this though.   I would love to find these two gorgeous leprechauns and send them a print of this photo each.  Every time I see this photo, I can’t help but smile.  This photo makes me so very happy.  So I know it’s a long shot but if anyone knows them, please point them in the direction of this page or through Livonne Imagery on Facebook, so I can get in touch with them and send them a copy of my favourite photo.

Rainbow's End