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My garage sale frenzy on the weekend reminded me of another of my favorite movies.  This movie is just a little offering from New Zealand and if your video store has it, it will probably be tucked away in the foreign film section.  This generally overlooked section of the video store often holds absolute gems that are simply briliant but not well advertised in Australia.  If the movie content is good enough, you tend to forget after a while that you are reading the subtitles as the storyline has reeled you in.  This one doesn’t have subtitles though at times they may be handy with a few of the characters having strong Kiwi accents.

Geraldine Brophy plays Jill Rose who, along with her friend Muffy is a garage sale fanatic.  Her patient husband Brian is accepting of her penchant for buying anything and everything if it’s a bargain because his garage resembles a auto swap meet, whereas her daughter Cheryl has horrible memories of growing up with everything second hand.  When Cheryl’s boyfriend proposes, she is so adamant that nothing will be second hand or tacky and everything gets out of hand.  Secrets, resentments, hurts and misunderstandings are all part of the planning and preparation.

I’ve seen this described as a little movie with a big heart and they have hit the nail right on the head.  It is such a sweet little film but it really does pack a punch in the emotions department.  It is also a “laugh out loud” type movie (and not just at some of the strong New Zealand accents… sorry my Kiwi friends).  It’s one of those movies that you will get engrossed in and run the gamut of emotions, laughter, anger, sadness, pity and those moments that make your heart swell with tenderness.  Essentially though,  it is a comedy as there are more laughs than anything else.

The cast are fantastic and both Geraldine Brophy (Jill) and Holly Shanahan (Cheryl) won NZ Film and TV awards for their roles. Watch out for a small cameo appearance by the great John Rowles (remember Cheryl Moana Marie, Hush not a word to Mary and If I only had time?)

I think the best one word description of this movie is SWEET.   I hope that doesn’t put you off because when I say sweet I don’t mean trite or soppy.  It’s simply a nice, funny, heartwarming little movie.  For those of you who, like me, are “second hand roses” and know the thrill of beating someone to the bargain of the day, or who just know someone who is, you will laugh at how stupid we must sometimes look.  If you haven’t seen it or even heard of it, try to find it somewhere and have a look.  I’m sure you will love it.  Sit down with some fush and chups and enjoy the laughs. 😉

Happy Viewing… Livvy