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Australia is in a frenzy…. and it has nothing to do with Barry McKenzie… it’s a lotto frenzy… Tonight (Tuesday), Oz Lotto has a jackpot of 100 million dollars.  I can’t even imagine how much money that really is..  but I guess I’ll have to get used to it really quick because my ticket is on and I’m going to win it.   Someone has to, so it might as well be me.  I’ve spent the day today planning on how to spend my winnings. It’s been a great day in my head.  Come into my brain for 5 minutes and if you’re not too freaked out by the constant crap running through it, you can help me spend my winnings.

First of all, I would make sure that my boys were well set up, of course.  A family trust would ensure that they would need for nothing but I would still want them to work and be productive human beings.  Something about the devil using idle hands and stuff like that.  Actually, they would drive me crazy if they didn’t work as they are both such active people that they would go insane and in turn drive me insane too.  I would also make sure that the people who have always stood by me were well looked after.. Okay, so that’s the “goes without saying” category.  Now for the fun.

First up would be my trip to Ireland.. Everything else could wait.. I’d be off quicker than a prawn in the midday sun. Off to explore the mother country and fit in a whirlwind tour of Europe while I was at it.  A few well chosen friends could accompany me.  All the traveling I ever wanted to do and some that I never really wanted to do would be done.  I would see Les Miserables in every city I could find that it was on.  I would travel and travel and travel.  With constant trips home of course, because ultimately, I am a homebody.

I would look at organising a cruise (since everyone I know has been on one lately) and book it out with friends and family.  Even if it was only a 4 day up the coast of Australia cruise, we’d have a ball, especially if it was just us on board.  Wasteful??  Probably but the cruise lines are part of the economy so I’d be helping the economy.  ( I can justify almost anything you know)

There’s a property here in the Blue Mountains that I have my eye on.. To buy and restore it would not leave any change out of 5 million but I hate to see beautiful old buildings left to rot.  I’d donate a few houses to a women’s safe housing cooperative as I feel it’s important for families to get away from desperate situations.  I’d also donate a few houses, specifically for men who are single parents too.  One thing I always wanted to do was set up a scheme where low income earners who don’t qualify for a bank loan, even though they pay their rent and bills, can buy an old house and use their blood, sweat and tears as equity.  They would have a period of time in which to do the house up to ensure it’s worth more than the purchase price giving them a large equity in the home making refinancing after a period of time easier.  It is the Australian dream to own your own home and I think this scheme would help the people who really want to help themselves.

I would donate to a few charities for specific reasons, paediatric bereavement support groups, the Jane McGrath foundation,  Road Trauma groups, the Royal Children’s Hospital and whatever else I thought was worthwhile.  I’d set up a few more men’s sheds around the place as I think they are just fantastic, allowing men to get together, learning or teaching new skills and just generally, feeling useful.  There are initiatives in 3rd world countries, giving small business loans to people to allow them to start their own businesses and therefore be able to support themselves.  I think this, coupled with the support and help to teach them how to sell and manage their business is just fantastic.  You know that old saying about teaching a man to fish… I think it’s the way to go.  Both my son’s have ideas for foundations they would like to set up and I would definitely support them too, as they are worthwhile causes.  In short, I would give back and then some.

I would be very indulgent with buying a hot pink car with the number plates LIVONNE… Or would it be hot pink leopard print, or emerald green…. or maybe purple… oh hell, I’ll buy one in all my favorite colours.  I’d go on a shopping spree in second hand shops and not even look at the price.  (I still prefer them as there is so much variety).  I’d go to an auction and just bid on stuff without knowing what it was.. then donate it to a worthy cause.  I just like bidding, so I’d have fun.

I would, of course, have invested a large amount to ensure I could live comfortably for the rest of my life.. but I think with 100 million, I can afford to have a few splurges.  Mmmm what else? ……….. I KNOW….. I’ll buy a small town in Australia and call it Livvywood.. If it’s good enough for Dolly, it’s good enough for me.. It would be a tourist town with a theme I am yet to think of.  I’m open to suggestions folks.

In fact, the best 5 suggestions will get a million dollars each if I win the full 100 million.  I was going to write a million dollars numerically but can’t work out how many 0’s that would be. sigh.. Maths wasn’t my strong point at school.  So get thinking.. What would be the most unique tourist town theme you could think of for Livvywood?

For now I better get some beauty sleep.. I will need to be fresh faced when they phone me to tell me I’ve won.. I have to practise my look of surprise.. but it will really be no shock.. It’s my 100 million.. I can feel it in my waters..

Happy town planning… Livvy 🙂