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Just a quick update to yesterday’s blog.. I was just going to edit yesterday’s but I thought this incredibly exciting piece of news deserved a title all of its own.  So no editing… A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT…. You will all know that I was ranting about the lack of songs written about Yvonne.. The only song I knew of was Jambalaya and I didn’t really wish to be serenaded with a song that had crawfish pie, poling the pirogue and other strange oddities in it..

But, a good friend of mine (thank you Ann.. you brilliant woman) has discovered another song.. called Yvonne..  the one… YES!!!  Mind you.. it’s a bit of a sad one and nostalgic , by what I’ve listened to…. but (and this is the best part)….. IT’S WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY PAUL McCARTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my friends, that’s right… One of the Beatles themselves (and my favorite one) penned and sang a song for me.. My life is now complete.. That’s all I have to say for now.. I’m feeling totally settled and at one with the world at the moment.. The moment won’t last, but you are spared another thousand or so words while I dwell on my song.. Have a listen to my song while I continue being all warm, fuzzy and nostalgic…

Happy Listening.. Livvy 🙂