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Eleven years ago, we got offered Bobby.  As some of you might have read in Making the hard decisions, our little maltese terrier is now 15 and we know he will not be with us much longer as he is getting frailer by the day.  When we first got him, he was four years old and had attitude plus.  My son Lachlan had as much attitude at the time and didn’t want us to take Bobby.  Bobby must have sensed it and went out of his way to make Lachlan fall in love with him.  Within the first day, it had worked.  The love story between these two is as strong as it was eleven years ago.  Bobby still looks at Lachlan with eyes that are so full of love, there are times it makes me want to cry and it is a very mutual love.  This photo was taken the second day we got him.  Already they were inseparable. Both their attitudes are much improved these days and they still sleep on the couch exactly the same lol.

let sleeping dogs lie