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I thought I’d put these two photos up to show the ravages of time affects us all, including the animal kingdom.  Here’s my little man Bobby who I spoke about in Making the Hard Decision. He is now 15 years old and very wobbly on his legs.  He  hates his face washed.  So nowadays when I bath him, I don’t fuss too much with his face as i don’t see any point in putting him through too much stress.  He was once such a beautiful looking dog.. Now he is a very old man who looks his age.  He had a stroke a few months ago and his tongue sits out of the side of his mouth all the time.. He is almost blind and his hearing isn’t as good as it once was.  He is in no pain though and is still happy enough with his life.  He sleeps a lot, comes to life when Lachlan is here and likes a cuddle still.  He’s been a faithful friend.  Hopefully when it’s his time, he’ll just go to sleep.  He deserves that.

Master Robert

Once was youngThe ravages of time

Now a (much loved) old man