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I’m thrilled to have been nominated today for the Shine On Award. Thank you so much to Determined34 for nominating me.  It’s so lovely to be thought of.

I originally started writing this blog to help deal with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of which one of the worst symptoms for me is loss of memory.  It’s terrifying to try to recall things and be unable to.  By writing things down, it’s almost like I’m clearing my brain out and allowing it to function properly again.  So to see the amount of interest in what I write is extremely humbling and quite overwhelming.   Mainly, it is awesome.

This award also asks you to write 7 things about yourself.

1. I’m the 11th of 12 children

2. I am Mum to two adult sons and an angel daughter in heaven.

3. I’m a very enthusiastic Aussie Rules Football fan and follow Geelong Football Club (The Cats)

4. I collect snow domes and Doris Day movies (daggy I know lol).

5. I am 51 years old… but my soul isn’t.. I feel much younger.

6. I bite my fingernails.

7.  I love the concept of time travel…

The award also asks you nominate 5 – 10 blogs that you enjoy

1. Second Half Woman

2. Mauldin Family

3. Learn Italian for Fun

4. Challenge Changer

5. Anyway, I Digress

There are so many others I could mention and I feel torn choosing them.  I hated being captain and having to pick sides at school too.   Thanks again for the nomination.  It’s so exciting.. 🙂