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This is the continuing saga of The YaYa’s in Western Australia.  This is the 4th full day there.

Day 4.  No Undie Sunday on the Deck

Ahhhhhhh… a sleep in!  Like a proper one.   We have nothing planned til the afternoon so we just did a bit of cleaning up from last night.  The girls went down to check on the one eared fake bandicoot that was really a rabbit and he was still in good condition but his foil hat had fallen off.  We had a scrummy breakfast of croissants, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms and we made sure Gary was well looked after.  Just to make it a very special father’s day for him, Annie gave him a voucher for a “special” treat (not for children’s eyes).  I’m SURE it was her handwriting on the voucher.  I mean, would any of her guests do something like that to her?  Anyway, he has it in his pocket to save for a rainy day… or should that be in a drought?

After some serious relaxation on the deck in our jammies in the sun, we decided to get dressed and head off for a pleasant Sunday jaunt.  We headed down to Hillarys.  Everyone said that was the place we had to go, so we heeded their advice.  It was absolutely lovely.  We wandered around the shops and couldn’t find a single quokka so we were most disappointed.  Here we were in the land of the quokka and they didn’t sell any form of them.  After downing some milkshakes and ice creams, we headed off a bit further down the road and Annie showed us some places of interest.  We stopped at a large hotel which shall remain nameless.  Annie was insistent that we should go in and take the lift right up so we could get a good view over Fremantle.  We headed up  the elevators only to find out we needed a hotel pass to get into the pool deck for observation.  Not one to be thwarted, Annie took us up further to the hotel rooms… 20th floor.  We stepped out of the elevators and got a great view out of the back of the hotel.  That still wasn’t good enough for Annie so we wandered through the corridor to the front of the hotel where we got a spectacular view over the water.

As we were snapping a few pictures, we heard Annie start knocking on a hotel door and calling out hello.  We wondered what she was doing till we saw her push a door open.  Seems the hotel cleaners hadn’t shut the door properly when they’d spruced the room up and it was unoccupied.  So Annie, being Annie, just wandered on in and called for us to go in and lay down on the bed so she could take our pics laying down in a luxury hotel.  We, being the fine upstanding citizens that we are, refused and made her come out of the room before security came bearing down on us.  We got her out, but not before she had added to her collection of pilfered bottles of shampoos and bits and pieces from the complimentary basket.

We headed across the road, watching over our shoulders the whole way for the constabulary to come and arrest us, and ended up in a lovely little coffee shop.  We sat down and ordered.  Annie unpacked her bag of “borrowed” goodies from the hotel.  It was hilarious to see the look on her face when she realised that instead of the complimentary sewing kit she thought she had picked up, it was actually a sanitary bag.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed and now Annie was the proud owner of one.  We did suggest that if she is going to nick stuff in the future, perhaps she should learn to read what it is first.

We enjoyed a quiet drink and some nibblies at the coffee shop and headed home again to make a nice Father’s Day dinner for Gary who had been off playing with toy boats all day.  After dinner we sat to watch some TV.  We cried over “Where are they now?” when the kidney transplant kid cried.  Annie got all excited over the liver transplant girl as she had competed against me in a talent quest last time Annie had visited.  We sat back to watch “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  Ahh what a lovely movie. If only I could manage to keep my eyes open throughout it.

For once, the girls let me sleep without trying to torture me and I woke up near the end of it.  I went online quickly to update the diary and when I got back to the lounge room, they had started watching some obscure movie with subtitles.  Oh what a light hearted little movie… Not.. Set in Brazil against a backdrop of poverty and angst… We actually kicked ourselves to realise we had sat up till 2am watching a lousy, depressing movie that we couldn’t understand a word of and that ended even more miserably than it started.  Bed was looking good and since we were heading out to Rottnest in the morning, I bid them adieu and headed off to beddy byes.

in the foyer

The view from the hotel..