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Okay.. so I’m back onto cartoons.. What can I say? I was a cartoon addict.  Actually make it a good one and I still am.  I watched “Wreck it Ralph” the other day and laughed all the way through it… trust me gamers out there, especially old school gamers.. you’ll love it.. Anyway, back to Leonardo Lion.

This particular cartoon had other cartoons that were part of the show which was a familiar idea at the time.  Tooter and the Wizard  revolved around a young turtle named Tooter who wanted adventures and his friend Wizard the Lizard who always got him out of scrapes.  Who can forget the magic words.. “Twizzle Twazzle, Twozzle, Twome, time for this one to come home”.  The Hunter (I am, I say I am the HUNTER!) was a southern bloodhound detective who was always chasing the Fox, his arch enemy and ruthless criminal.  These cartoons were played after the first episode of Leo then another episode of Leo played.  It was very cleverly written.. from what I remember anyway.  I just know, we all loved the whole show.

The jingle? Well, this was one of the hardest ever to learn I think as I used to get all the verses mixed up.  It was long and wordy and I loved it.  But it wasn’t all about the song.  The characters were funny and loveable.

King Leonardo was the hapless king of Bongo Congo and his assistant, a skunk named Odie Cologne was the real brains behind the running of the kingdom.  Leonardo’s brother, Itchy was always trying to overthrow the kingdom with the help of his rat friend, Biggie.  It was completely predictable and was probably a little bit Robin Hood inspired  but it was a lot of fun and in the tradition of all good cartoons of the time, good always won out over evil.

This was just so much fun..  I’ve had fun playing the song over and over again.. It still holds up..

Happy Bongo Congo’ing.. Livvy 🙂

Leonardo the Lion and Odie CologneTooter the TurtleThe Hunter