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Last Wednesday, I didn’t upload this part of the YaYa diaries as my little dog Bobby passed away and I dedicated the day to him instead.  So following on from the earlier episodes of the YaYa Diaries, here is part 7.

Day 6… Swan River Cruise… Ahhh what a life

I had a bit of a sleep in this morning but still beat Sal and Annie out of bed.  Not Miss Chop though.  One day I’ll beat her out of bed…. perhaps… but not today.  Anyway, as soon as we were up, we got showered and dressed as we were heading into Fremantle to get onto the Ferry that would take us up the Swan River and into Perth.  Stepping onboard, we were quite chuffed to have arrived with time to spare for once, though Annie did park 952 miles away from the ferry and so took her time walking.  Well okay 952 miles might be an exaggeration but it took her a long time and it is Chop’s favorite number but it doesn’t come up very often.

The morning cruise was also a wine tasting so we had a few lovely wines onboard as we traveled.  For anyone who hasn’t done this trip, do it.  It was just gorgeous.  The sun came out for most of the trip so we had a great time in wonderful weather. Once we landed in Perth, or should I say docked, we had a browse through The Bell Tower where Chop and I decided to take the elevator whilst Sal and Annie chose the stairs.  We beat them to the top and they tried to tell us they stopped along the way.. Ummm I don’t think so girls. We had a look around and then headed down the elevator again to the Belfry… There were some comments made about 4 old bats in the belfry but I chose to ignore them. The lift held 14 people though I really wouldn’t have like to have tested that theory but the REALLY exciting part was that those 14 people were allowed to add up to 952 kilograms which is Chop’s favorite number but it doesn’t come up very often.  We watched the bells when they started ringing which eventuated in the obligatory Quasimodo jokes from Sal and Chop.

Heading back down again, we saw a trourist tram and decided to take a little tour on it.  We had no idea where it was heading, but what the hell, we are tourists so we jumped onboard.  Our tram driver was Barry who quickly got called Barry the Bucket due to his (to quote Chop) “boring as batshit” commentary.  I think she was secretly very impressed with his corny pathetic attempts at humour and the look on her face was really just a cover up.  He spoke like he had sat the wrong way in his seat and had a plum in his mouth but the pensioners on the tram thought he was hysterically funny and they laughed at every groan inducing pun he threw at us. We hadn’t bought a ticket because Barry was too busy being a comedian to actually charge us for the ride however after yesterdays free ride on Rottnest Island, Annie felt guilty and we all went and interrupted Barry’s comedy routine long enough to pay him. It was worth the money to have 5 minutes relief from his comedic commentary.

We got off in the city and headed off to have a bite of lunch.  Yummy.  Nice little place in the sun with good food.  We headed off around for a look in the shops and Chop of the “I don’t like shopping” outlook on life, suggested a particular shop.  It’s not often that shopping is at her suggestion so we took advantage of her slightly addled state and complied with her wishes.  I think Barry’s commentary had disrupted her brainwaves for a while but we still rushed in while she was so compliant.  Her shop suggestion turned out to be brilliant as they had a sale on and I bought a few things so I could have more changes of clothes when I was getting ready for a night out.  Miss Chop purchased a new coat as it has been a tad cold over here.  We had heard so much about the glorious weather in Perth and so weren’t prepared for it being colder than home the whole time we were there and hadn’t packed accordingly.

Loaded up with our goodies, we went to catch the train back to Freo.  We went to get in one door and Annie said, No.. go to the second door… Just as they all closed, so we had to make the next train.  Wise move Annie.  The train made it a multi transport trip so far, having taken a plane, train, automobile, tram, bus, boat and ferry.   We might hire a pushbike and scooter soon so as to cover all modes of transport.  If our numbers in Lotto had come up last night, a Limousine would have been today’s choice but such is life.  Arriving in Freo we decided that instead of going back to Annie’s to get ready, we’d just go straight to Rosie O’Grady’s for the Trivia Night we had organised to go to earlier.  We didn’t have any make up left on our faces and felt some sympathy for the fellow Trivia buffs if they had to put up with that all night, so we went in search of some cheap make up to paint some life back into us.

We found a chemist and while we were in there, Sal suddenly realised she had lost the new cardigan along the way.  Now this may have been bad, but she seemed to have developed a very unhealthy dependence on her blanket throughout the trip, so we were pleased it was the cardigan and not the blankie.  The MPB (multi purpose blanket) has become her security blanket and she gets quite anxious without it.  It is very tatty around the edges nowadays…. and she has used the fringe of it to shove up my nose while I slept.. but it still works well as a wonder cape which gives her superhero status when she has it on.   We retraced our steps and found the cardigan of bling in the Tattoo parlour Chop and Sal had gone into to enquire about having a horrible scar (tattoo) inflicted on their skins… so we could finally head off to the trivia night with all emergencies averted.

Arriving at Rosie O’Grady’s we found Kareyn and Musicman there already.  We sat down to eat AGAIN… (we’ve eaten so much over here ) and before you could recite the Desiderata the trivia night was about to begin.  We knew we’d do well.  I mean, how could we not with this amount of brain power at our table.  The first round was Famous Faces so we were quite smug at how well we’d do in this round.  Without a moment’s notice, they changed the famous faces round to “What noise does the animal make”.  Excuse me??? I’m sorry.. but my knowledge of animal noises is rather limited.  Do chipmunks make any other noise than Chip calling Dale names and Dale snickering back at him? As for the Tasmanian Devil.. he just makes a bit of noise when he whirls around really fast on Bugs Bunny but by all accounts, he makes a weird noise in reality.  Needless to say it was a poor round and we only got 6.. that’s okay, we can make it up in the next round.

Pot luck was next.. Okay, so we only got another 6 but then the hosts mucked up and gave us 8 instead.  Being the non arguing types that we are, we decided it would be bad manners to argue with the hosts so let them give us extra points without so much as a whimper from us.  Next round was Battle of the Sexes.  This was sure to be easy, so we bet our double score round on this one.  We did okay, but considering we had 5 women and only one man at the table, we failed miserably in the girly department and only seemed to know the blokey stuff.  The one girly question we got right was about hair straighteners and our only male got that one for us.  Still we got a score of 8  and used our double points to take us to a round of 16.  Musicman and I had to play a game of heads and tails by putting our hands on our heads or bums..  I guess even that’s not my thing as I went out first round.  Musicman did better but he went out in round 3.

It wasn’t looking promising for us as Round 4 was sport and we didnt’ think we do well but we showed some knowledge there.  Round 5 was more Pot Luck and we were sure we’d do better this time around.  Chop was our scribe and when we didn’t know who the Prime Minister’s secretary was we just wrote Johnny’s Lackey.. by all accounts they didn’t like that answer.  Oh well! Round 6 was another double points round as it was Name that Movie.  Okay.. here’s my area of expertise.  We knew the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire answer but we missed The Closer and Remember the Titans though we’d all seen them but their names eluded us.  Oh well.. another 8 points doubled meant another 16.

Finally the fun and frivolity of the quiz was finished and when all the points were added up we came a miserable second last… I never said we were smart did I?  A few more drinks and lots more chatter and we headed home again.  Chop in her new hooded coat, which was instantly warm (perhaps because it has furry bits and is as warm as a doona) Sal in her blinged cardigan AND her MPB (Multi Purpose Blanket) and Annie and I braving the night air without their layers of warmth.

At home again, we had to pack for our trip down  South to Margaret River and surrounding areas in the morning, so we did a bit of washing, packed everything then finally had a cuppa before bed.  We’re all so looking forward to heading down South.  We’ve heard so much about Margaret River and can’t wait to see it for ourselves.  We’re excited… but we have to try to sleep so bedtime is a must.

On the boat

chops favorite number

The Cape of Wonder

On the Tram

On the train

At trivia