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I feel I’ve been completely neglectful these last few days but it’s been frantic here.  I can’t wait until 7pm tomorrow night when I’m on holidays for two weeks.. I’m not going anywhere but it will be a great chance to catch up on overdue work both for home and at school.  So I should be able to sneak my WaWa Wednesday in before I head off to bed or it turns into Thursday.

Day 7… Down South or Bust

Okay… the holiday within a holiday day has arrived.  We’re heading down to Margaret River today and we’re excited.  In fact we were all up and about early today.  Our bags were packed and we managed to cull it to one bag each, though Sal and I did have to pack the beauty case but that is allowable as we packed our stuff into the one bag so we really didn’t do too badly.  We headed out just about on the scheduled time and got all excited coz we turned right out of the driveway when all our other forays have been to the left.  We fueled up and we were on our way.

The back seat passengers, Chop and Sal, started to take a tally on naughty girl points.  I got my first three for offering them a mintie.  Seems I threw them over the back seat and could have taken an eye out with that so I was the naughty point leader.  As we traveled down teh road, Annie and I started a game of Spotto Windmill.  I believe this must be some sort of bizarre native ritual where you have to spot windmills.  Pity we weren’t in Holland, we could have scored huge points.  The fact that we said it quietly and the backseaters didn’t hear us declare the game open was their own fault.  The were too busy gasbagging in the back.  Annie and I won that game but they added more naughty points to me because they said we cheated.

We stopped at a lovely little town called….. ummm .. can’t remember but I’m sure it would have ended in up as all places in Western Australia do.  We had a wander around the little art and craft places.  Sal got into a long discussion with a man who wanted to show her his big one…. so we waited outside in suspense while she gazed in awe.. Turns out his big one was a leadlight which she said was wonderful.  We drove further along and started a game of spotto buses this time, but it was only for big buses. They cheated this time and spotted little buses, buses that don’t go and matchbox toy buses.  They didn’t care about playing fair, they just wanted to win.  They lost! You know the old adage, cheaters never prosper.

At one stage I pointed to something out the window and managed to add to my naughty girl point toll for making holes in the atmosphere with my finger poking.  It seems it’s also an “eye outable offence”.  We got to Pinjarra and were most excited to see a large cow.   Annie and I had been labeled many years before as members of the fat cows club by a psychopath online.  Having always found this reference amusing (especially since Annie has to run around in the shower to get wet) we decided to have our photo taken with the cow.  Sal FINALLY posted the postcards she bought on her first day here and we headed off again to Bunbury where Sal and Chop were going to get matching tattoos.

We got there and had a bite of lunch before the girls went in search of the tattoo parlour. . While they were getting their skin horridly scarred for life, Annie and I were going to have a wander around the shops.  We’d only been wandering for a few minutes when they messaged us to say they couldn’t do them today, so we met them back at the car. Annie decided to sneak up on them so   crawled past parked cars to scare them but we looked at Sal and she had a perplexed look on her face so we decided not to add any more stress to her.  She told us she had lost her phone… sigh.. seems to be a pattern emerging here.  She retraced her steps and found it at the Tattoo Parlour.. She left her cardigan of bling at the last tattoo parlour.  I said something about the bad fairies telling them that tattoos were bad for them but they didn’t believe me.

Phone back in its pouch, we headed onwards and downwards in our pursuit of all things cultural and maybe alcoholic.  We passed through many towns and pointed out yet again that every second town in WA ends in up.  We’re headed down and still the towns end in up.  I don’t understand it but never mind.  Busselton was next and we had a bit of a perve here before heading on to Dunsborough where we planned on staying for the night.  On arrival there we decided to move on further south to Margaret River for the night, ready for a day of exploring the wine district.  We arrived there by nightfall.

We tried a few places to stay but there was no room at the inn.  Just as I was beginning to think we would have to find a stable with a manger we found The Quest Margaret River.  II loved it.  It was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed with a spa bath… upstairs and downstairs bedrooms.. all beautifully appointed.  There was a pool but we decided it was a bit on the cool side to be going for a swim even if the kitchen did overlook it.  We unpacked, put dibs on the beds we wanted and cracked a drink.  Sal and I offered to go to the supermarket for the next mornings breakfast and nibblies for tonight.   So while we dutifully delayed our pyjama time and put ourselves out in the pursuit of happiness for our traveling companions, they stayed home and wreaked havoc.  When we got back the ironing board  was set up in our room in case we wanted to do ironing.. Umm I don’t iron.. We should have realised there was more foul deeds afoot but being the innocent and trusting souls we are, we didn’t suspect a thing.

Off to the local tavern for a great meal and good company, then back home to the hotel for some rest and recreation.  As soon as we got back, Sal and I decided it was pyjama o’clock but when Sal searched her bag she was devastated to realise she hadn’t packed them.  I was feeling a tad smug knowing full well I had packed mine but when I went to my bag and found them missing, I smelled a rat.  It was sounding like a Chop/Annie sabotage mission.  On interrogation we were made to go looking for our jammies.  She gave us clues that she thought made no sense.. We had to look where you would iron if you didn’t have an ironing board.  I looked under the couch cushions and of course found both our jammies.  There is no point giving what you think are obscure clues to a person who doesn’t iron so looks for the cheaters way.

Annie went in and ran the spa  and Sal and I both had a relaxing dip in the tub.  Not together this time.  There was no room for the prickly celtic knot legs like we had last time.  When we were nice and relaxed in our newly found jammies, Annie decided it was time to put face masks on us all to make ourselves look beautiful.  She started with me.  I guess she thought I needed the most work.  She used a clear mask that peeled off.  I wasn’t allowed to smile while it was drying and she moved onto Chop.  Her mask was white and she looked like a voodoo queen.  Later she still had it on when she went out on to the balcony for a cigarette.  She put her new doona coat on and became Chop of the Yukon.  When she peered through the windows at us we all got a fright.  Sal had the same clear mask as me and Annie had the white one.  I washed mine off but Annie took great delight in peeling Sal’s.  She dropped little bits of it all over the floor.  I’m sure the cleaning staff would have though it was a leper convention there overnight when they cleaned up next day.

After a few more drinks, we were all pretty tired so we headed off to bed.  Sal and I were sharing the king size bed but when I went to climb in I realised it had been short sheeted.   I didn’t want to draw attention to   the naughty kids so we quietly remade the bed and went to sleep, waking only occasionally to the dulcet tones of the trio of snorers.   Tomorrow, we explore.. so time for sleep.. 🙂

Peeling Sal's faceChop of the YukonThe Fat Cow Club Corner