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A writer has the empty page where he can set the scene.  He puts the actors on the stage or on the movie screen.  The characters all say the words the writer wants to hear and then my friend a happy end.

But when the writer steps outside that room where he is king, he can’t control when lives collide or what the lovers sing.  And so he hides behind his words, the one place he belongs.  And in black and white he can rewrite the wrongs.

Where he can find the strength to say what those he loves should hear and just erase mistakes she’s made then make them disappear.  Where he can change the plot so he’s a hero not a louse and when the curtain falls there’s not a dry eye in the house. 

A writer hopes to leave behind a work no one forgets and when he writes “The End” to find he has the right regrets.  A writer has the empty page where he can use his pen to mend his heart and try to start again.…… The Right Regrets from the musical Smash.

I have just watched the final episode of SMASH.  Here in Australia, as I suspect happened in America, the stations chopped and changed the times of the show so it didn’t get the following it should have and unless you have paid tv, you wouldn’t have seen the second season here.  What a pity.  Smash was one of the best shows I’ve seen in ages.  With a brilliant cast, amazing music, great characterisation, fantastic voices and a story so familiar yet so new and exciting that it felt like putting on a NEW pair of slippers that fitted perfectly, had that “old faithful” comfort yet hadn’t been worn.   It had everything all rolled into one.

I cannot believe they would cancel this show.  Yes, the second season was all over the place.  It rolled the storyline of about 10 seasons into one where I felt like I was on a fast train that was moving so fast I couldn’t enjoy the scenery but I still loved it.  Almost every episode had new directors and new writers and it was absolutely obvious yet I still waited with bated breath for it to come back every week.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it and sadly, I think that’s heaps of you, it is a musical about a musical about Marilyn Monroe.  The music is a combination of new and edgy but with the familiarity of old school huge Broadway numbers.  Being based on Marilyn’s life, we already felt we knew the subject material yet at the same time the characters playing the roles in the fictional musical were all new to us and we were beginning to know and love them.  They were real.  They were serious, they were funny, they were vulnerable, they were competitive.  They fought, they loved, they laughed, they acted and most important of all, they sang. 

There is something so exciting about musical theatre and as much as many people poo-poo it, I have yet to see a dance floor that doesn’t come alive when The Time Warp comes on, or any song from Grease.  Who doesn’t love Calamity Jane and pretend all you like that you’re too cool to know all the words to The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music, but we all know different.  Musical theatre tugs at our heart strings even if we don’t want it to.  This show was no exception.  If you do nothing else today, have a listen to a song from it.. any song.. Try The Right Regrets, Broadway here I come or Remember me.   You’ll find them on Youtube.  I’m sure you will feel the same as I do and want to be that person on opening night.

The music that generated from this show was brilliant.  There is no other word for it.  These two seasons of this show produced some of the most exciting songs to have reached these old ears since I don’t know when.  At one stage, everybody sang a song.  Who knew when she was appearing in Will and Grace that Debra Messing could make me feel like crying when I heard her sing the beautiful and haunting “The Right Regrets”?  Who knew Angelica Houston would be belting out a song, not necessarily a Barbra Streisand voice, but a song all the same. 

The characters of Ivy Lynn and Karen Cartwright, who both played Marilyn at one stage in the series and competed against each other for roles the whole time were superb.  They have voices to die for.  Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) was born to play Marilyn Monroe.  Her voice was just stupendous and when she sang “Don’t forget me”, my first thought was, “who ever possibly could”.  Karen Cartwright (Catherine McPhee) could play any role she wanted with great looks and a voice to match.  My favorite character was Derek, played by Jack Davenport (Hubba Hubba).. He was sarcastic and rude with the ability to sound completely misogynistic yet absolutely lovable.   I could go on forever spruiking the virtues of the cast of this incredible show but I won’t.  I’m still too shattered.

I hadn’t heard anything about the show being cancelled, so when I sat down to watch tonight’s show, I honestly thought I was going to watch the season finale leaving me hanging for season 3.  By the time they started singing the final song, I knew it wasn’t ever going to be so I looked up on the internet and sure enough I found it had been cancelled on May 10th this year.  I started to cry.  Yes, I’ll agree, that was a complete over reaction to a tv show being axed but I couldn’t help it. 

So few shows come out that excite  and inspire me.  Smash did just that.  The music made me want to sing and dance.  It made me want to go to Broadway.  It made me want to be on stage.  It kept me coming back for more.  The characters made me laugh, cry, get angry and probably feel every other emotion you can think of. The visual aspect of the show with beautiful costuming and Billboards we all want to see for real, had me studying the screen with such intensity as i didn’t want to miss a moment of it. It had EVERYTHING! Except a network that believed in it I guess.

Such was the adoration of the fans that there are pages all over the net which are screaming for the cancellation of it’s cancellation.  I’ve just joined the facebook page, Don’t Cancel Smash and I’m sure that’s just touching the tip of the iceberg.  A show that is this exciting should never have been cancelled.  The garbage “so called” reality shows that we are being sold as good television dumb us down.  They don’t offer anything in the way of intelligence, class or indeed humanity.  They are crap.  Yet they keep getting the ratings as TV stations show them in prime time and advertise them like crazy.  Why? Because they are cheap so their profits soar. 

In Australia, we have very little home made drama or comedy series any more.  Reality tv rules with “wanna be” celebrities doing anything that is asked of them, just to get their heads on television.  I’m sure other countries are the same.  We are being treated like idiots by the television networks and we accept it without a murmur.  They treat the viewing public like we are all morons who love to watch the train wrecks that are dis-gracing our screens.  So to see the outpouring of anger and the coming together of fans of Smash to get it reinstated is a pleasure to see.  Finally a show stands out amongst the best ever made at a time when most of the shows made are complete rubbish and the networks set out to ruin it.  I’m going to help join the fight to keep the show alive. 

Hopefully, they will make a Broadway show out of Bombshell, the fictional musical about Marilyn, and I know if they do, it would be a resounding success.  I don’t see how it  CAN’T be made.  It’s too good not to be.  I hope that if you haven’t seen it, you will procure a copy of it and start to watch it.  I’m sure you’ll become as enamoured of it as the rest of us have and want to join the fight too. 

I’ll leave you with the song from which the lyrics at the top of this page are taken from as well as the beautiful Don’t forget me.  If you are in love with the show and want to see it return.. maybe join the facebook page and help change the minds of the powers that be at NBC.

Happy standing up for what you love… Livvy 🙂