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Okay you can all stop worrying.. I’ve found the dress I’m wearing to my son’s wedding next weekend.  If you read my post last night “On my soapbox about clothes shopping” you’ll know that I was frustrated after spending two days trying to find a suitable dress to wear as mother of the groom. My big problem is that it seems designers and buyers for major fashion shops feel that bigger women should wear sackcloth.  I was at my wit’s end trying to find the right outfit.

After my rant on here about buyers and sizing standards and size 8 models modelling plus size clothing, I got lots of messages from kind friends who gave me a few suggestions as to where to look.  One friend  suggested I have a look on a particular website which I did and there it was.

As it’s an online company, I was concerned that I couldn’t try it on and was panicking about getting it in time.  Unlike most internet businesses, there was a customer support number so I gave them a call.  I got onto Jenny, the owner  of the business.  Oh what a breath of fresh air.  Not only is the clothing selection just stunning, the prices reasonable and the website easy to navigate but Jenny was just wonderful to deal with.  She went above and beyond. knowing that this was an urgent order.  She got me to measure myself so I was assured of getting the correct size and put a back up plan in action for me if it doesn’t fit me properly.

As I mentioned in my rant yesterday, I don’t like buying online as it always feels faceless and there are no standards in sizing, however in this case, each outfit has the measurements listed next to the sizes. The outfits are modeled by beautiful girls with curves where so many of us have them.  They only do a limited run on their styles so chances are you aren’t as likely to turn up at an important event wearing the same as every other plus size lady there.  Of course there is a small chance but it’s a lot less than if you buy from one of the major chains who buy in the tens of thousands of garments of the exact style.  Im so excited to have found the wonderful Jenny and her company Curvaceous.

She did say they are almost ready to launch a new website and there will be even more gorgeous styles when that happens but for now… go have a look at their beautiful range of clothing and accessories.  They even do swimsuits. It is an Australian company so you’d have to send Jenny a message if you wanted anything delivered overseas as I’m not sure they can do that, but it’s worth asking.  Just to let you know, I’m not getting a discount for mentioning the business nor am I getting paid.  I am doing this simply because I think it’s time that businesses that go above and beyond to help their clients need to be acknowledged and their businesses shared with other people who are looking for good products.

All I will say about my dress for now, is that it’s gorgeous.. and I’m looking forward to wearing it.  I will show you photos after next weekend.  For now, I’m going to head off to bed and dream of how gorgeous I’m going to look in my new Curvaceous dress.

Happy browsing… Livvy 🙂

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