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So, after Saturday’s nuptials, I have a new daughter.  I started the day as Mother of the Groom but now that I have a new daughter and she, of course was the bride, I’m thinking I’ve become Mother of the Bride and Groom which is too long a title, so I’m shortening it to Mother of the Broom.  Some people who are known to be unkind, may say that’s fairly apt for me lol.

Further to Handing over the crown to the new queen, I wanted to fill you all in on how the day went.   I know it’s not like me to be speechless but I can sum up the day in one word… WOW!!!  It was beautiful from start to finish.  My handsome son looked amazing in his suit and his bride was stunningly radiant.  What a gorgeous looking couple.  To quote the bride’s mum, “we make good looking kids”.

The function centre, Truffleduck, is located right on the river at Fyansford just out of Geelong, Victoria and was just perfect from start to finish.  The staff were exceptional, the food magnificent, the surroundings perfect.  The decorations were done by the beautiful bride and her amazing mum and set the whole scene.  It was a vintage chic theme and managed to be homey and welcoming as well as elegant. Everyone from the photographer to the DJ were friendly and seemed happy to be there.

The bride’s proud father made a moving speech as soon as he walked his daughter up the aisle which ensured there wasn’t a dry eye in the house setting the scene for the rest of the wedding.  It was nothing short of just a fantastic day so I repeat my one word.. WOW!!!

I didn’t say much in my speech but put together a presentation that really said everything I wanted to say. I spent the time between the ceremony and the reception putting the photos of the day into what I had already prepared.  Thankfully it all turned out.  Here it is.  A mother’s prayer… answered.

A Mother’s Prayer by Melissa Duvall – click here to play the presentation