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We woke up EXTRA early today.. We knew we had to get up early to head to Dublin airport to pick our other cousin Debbie up.  She was flying in the America and we were excited to be catching up with her again. It’s been two years since I’ve seen her last and about 14 years since she and Wendy have seen each other.  I set the alarm for 4.45am as it was about a 2.5 hours trip to Dublin from Shanagolden.  Deb was getting in at 7.40 am.  I dozed off about midnight… and then Wendy woke up at 2.30 thinking it was later than it was.. Another few bits of sleep and she woke up again at   3.30 so we got ready and headed off to the airport.

On the way, we got hit by a blast of sleet or snow.  We didn’t stop to find out.  It was blowing directly at the car and with the headlights shining straight on it, it looked so surreal.  What a unique sight to see.  We stopped along the way, had some breakfast and got on the road again.  We arrived at the airport in time and while I rearranged the car so we could fit Deb and her cases in the car, Wendy went in to find Deb.  With her and her bags crammed into the car (and yes I do mean crammed).  I think we fitted stuff in better than any tetris game.  With not a spare space, we headed off back to Limerick.

As we headed down the road, Wendy,  who I’ve now named “The Navigator” (said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice), suggested we take a side trip to Tipperary.  She said it wasn’t as long a way to Tipperary as we’d always been told. We took a little side road and went past a gorgeous little pub so decided to go in for a quick drink and a little ladies room stop.  The bartender told us we should be careful going to Tipperary as it’s easy to get lost.  Seriously? Get lost on the way to Tipperary.  Surely they have signs?  After a quick drink and a lot of laugh out loud moments, we headed up toward Tipperary.

I didn’t realise it was up so high and we traveled up a winding, narrow lane towards snow capped mountains.  What an amazing view.  The mountains were  covered in snow but also sitting in low lying cloud, creating a soft, romantic look, albeit a damn cold one.  We came to a fork in the road and of course, none of the signs mentioned Tipperary, so we looked at the map again and decided we needed to go to Dundrum.  Except all roads led to Dundrum and they just seemed to keep going around in circles.  We eventually found our way onto the road to Tipperary and off the loop we’d been on.  It made us feel better to know that the bar keeper also got lost along here.

We were hoping to see a sign saying “It’s a long way to Tipperary but you’re here now”.  There was none.. but Tipperary is a nice little town.  We didn’t really have time to have a really good look around as we were going to head back to Limerick, so finding our way back out onto the Limerick road, we headed back down the mountains.  It was quicker to drive to Limerick than it was driving up to Tipperary and we found a pub and went in to have lunch.  They didn’t do a lunch but the bar tender assured us that if we had a Guiness it would be better for us than lunch lol.   We didn’t agree and had a wine.

We booked in to the Travel Lodge in Limerick and went to drop our bags off, planning to go to Shanagolden for a quick drink and dinner.  However by the time we go to the hotel, we all just faded quickly.  We had a bite of   lunch/dinner next door at the restaurant and went up and have just spent the night talking and catching up.. I’ve taken hardly any photos today as we’ve spent too much time catching up and just talking.. An early night is called for as we only have a couple of days left to pack an awful lot into.  Showers, flannies and bed.. then we’ll hopefully feel refreshed and ready to take in the south of Ireland over the next 2 days.. 🙂