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It’s been ages since I’ve written anything on here.  Life’s been crazy.  I know I’ve said all that before, but it’s never been truer than the last few months.  Everyday I think, I should write something but then something draws my attention away again and I don’t get that chance to share my thoughts.

In the last six months I’ve completed my Diploma of Photo Imaging.  Not bad for someone who only started a photography course to learn a bit more about taking photographs so that I could use my own stuff on here.  From the first Certificate IV course, I was hooked and went on to complete Diploma.  I just love photography and am learning every day still.

It wasn’t just the course.  It was the people.  We learned so much from each other and I made life long friends there.  We loved being with each other, we offered support and encouragement, we laughed so hard we snorted and we had each other’s backs.  Being the oldie of the class for most of 18 months, I was re energised by the young crazies all around me.  So many people speak about this up and coming generation as irresponsible and selfish.  This was not what I found.  I discovered a group of young people who genuinely cared for those around them, were respectful and who worked hard to achieve their goals.

One of the people I meet during the course became a close friend.  She is 20 years younger than me but we had a lot in common, especially the sort of work we liked doing.  At the end of the course, we decided to pool our ideas and go into business together.  We thought long and hard about it, as going into business with a friend can wreck a friendship but we decided to give it a go as we thought we could make it work.

Not long after making that initial decision, a business premises became available in the main street of Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW.  We knew it was perfect for us so we went for it.  All we had in our favour was the desire to succeed, the drive to work hard, big dreams and a genuine passion for what we do.  And so Gosh You’re Gorgeous Photographic Studio & Gallery was born.

The premises are great.  There is room for a gallery as well as a studio, so we rent that out on a weekly basis to people who would like to have an exhibition.  It’s a very art deco style  building and we’ve styled it to suit the period.  We’re thrilled with what we’ve created.  We’ve painted, styled, lugged furniture, trawled ebay for affordable equipment and then worked in areas other than photography to pay for what we need for the studio.

So now we’re in the marketing phase of the business.  We’re starting to become known and are getting work in which is so exciting.  Heather’s background is as a hairdresser and in my past I’ve sold and trained in make up.  We both have wardrobes overflowing with costumes we’ve collected over the years, with no idea what we were ever going to do with them.  Now they have a purpose.  We loved to stylise and transform our clients.  Of course we do regular photography with no stylising but it’s great to offer both.  In short, we just love what we do.

They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life and that’s how it feels to us. It doesn’t feel like work as we love  what we do and are always thinking of new things to do.  I think I can speak for both of us when we say we’ve found our niche.  I feel more alive than I’ve felt in years.  I can honestly say, photography has changed my whole outlook on life.  So much bad stuff has happened in my life that I’ve always been on the lookout for it.  Since I started photography, I’m always looking for beauty.  I’m always looking to frame a shot.  I’m always looking for colour and beauty and opportunity.. Because I’m always looking for it, I’m always finding it.  Life’s good!

Hopefully, now that we’ve settled a little bit into routine, I’ll be able to get back to here.  I do love photography, but I still love writing.  You know what I say.. If a picture paints a thousand words, then a thousand words must therefore be able to paint a picture.. They work well together.  Hopefully, I’ll get to combine the two in a few years and travel back to Ireland and research and write my grandmothers life story.

For now, I have to head off to work.  But I’m back and hopefully, you’re back with me.  It’s always been a privilege to know so many of you are sharing my journey.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Happy  snapping… Livvy 🙂