As promised, here’s another flashback blog from a few years ago. I loved tv show theme songs as a kid.. and if I’m honest, I still do. Phoebe Piccalilly is a silly name and I’d never remember it if it weren’t for the song on Nanny and the Professor.. Happy Rereading..


You’ll get square eyes.. How many times did I hear those words as a kid.  Probably the same amount of times I heard “You’ll end up with piles if you sit on the cold concrete”.  I never did…   I should have!! (got square eyes that is, not piles).  You see, I was a television addict as a kid.  To me, it took me out of the confines of my childhood and into a whole new, glamorous, exciting, world, full of drama, comedy, music mystery, magic and beauty.

There was nothing I wouldn’t watch.. The first recollection I ever have of watching a program was Mighty Mouse.  I must have been about 3 and I think, maybe, Mum and Dad had just bought a new TV . It was set up, turned on and voila.. Mighty Mouse appeared. That vision is burned into my memory.  I can still…

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