Here’s another reblog from the early days of blogging. Still one of my favourites.. My K-Tel parents..


I suppose to know more about what makes me tick, you’d have to meet my parents.  Mum was days away from turning 40 when I was born and Dad 41.  They have both passed away now but between them they left enough stories to fill 100 blogs like this one.  Add my slightly senile grandmother who lived with us and you have a sitcom that could run for 10 years.  You”ll hear more about my grandmother, Gargie, as time goes on.. but today, I want to tell you about Mum & Dad.

Mum was second oldest of 9 kids.. a feisty Irish mother and a father who died when they were all young.  The 9 kids adored their mother and although she called a spade a spade and was as tough as nails, she would  have laid down her life for her children and they paid that devotion back everyday. …

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