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As most of my regular readers will know, I’ve started doing more conceptual photography and have a new site over at Livonne Imagery.  (Click on the link to go over and have a look)  I’ve had a photo idea planned for a while and just needed everything to line up so I could do it.  Model available, location available, my brain in the right space etc.  On Friday, most of those planets aligned, so on the off chance that the location was available, we headed off down to Historic Hartley in NSW.

My model (also my assistant and adopted daughter lol), Kirsty and I packed the already packed car with boxes of artificial flowers, camera equipment and whatever else was needed, hoping that the Talisman Gallery would be open and wouldn’t mind us using their glorious outside bathtub for the shoot.  On arrival, I checked with Ron, the owner and he was fine with it, so putting Kirsty in the bath in a strapless dress, I proceeded to cover her with the flowers.

As we were shooting, visitors to the gallery wandered in and out.  A few got a fright when Kirsty moved as they thought she was a mannequin.  I knew I’d got some fantastic shots and was thrilled with the look we’d created.  Ron volunteered to get in and have a few photos taken as well which I was thrilled with.  I got him to pose in a few different positions so I could do a photo with him in it a few times.  I was thrilled with how it turned out.

I went into the gallery and took some shots in there, knowing I’d want to share them with you all, as if you’re ever in the Blue Mountains, a trip to the Talisman Gallery is a must.  The work is just beautiful and the setting divine.  Ron’s happy to talk to people about the pieces on display which is great to actually get to talk to and buy straight from the artist.  The surrounding historic village of Hartley is simply charming to walk around in and soak in the history.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the gallery and some before and after shots of (both) my models.

Happy viewing.. Livvy