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Everyone wants to be remembered for something.  I just want to be remembered by you!

What a perfect Weekly Photo Challenge this is.  Yesterday I went to a garage sale and after I’d been there, went to drop some things off to charity.  On the way there, my son and I saw another garage sale in a church hall, so we stopped in.  It should have already closed but it was till open so we went in to have a quick look.

I’m not sure of the absolute background but it seemed to us that an old lady who was a member  of the church had donated a lot of her things for sale.  Perhaps she was going to a retirement home and needed to downsize.  I’m really not sure.  Anyway, when we got there, we both fell in love with a wrought iron hat rack.  Not a cheap knock off one but a beautiful, heavy, elaborate one that was perfect for what we wanted.  Thrilled with our buy, we looked a bit further and that’s when I saw it.

It was a bedspread and it was so far removed from anything I would usually buy, it’s not funny.  It was a mustard coloured background with woollen daisies over the top.  I stopped to look at it, admiring the amount of work that had gone into it, when the old lady in question started to tell me about it.

Her friend Norma had made it for her in the 70’s.  She had seen it in a magazine and showed her friend who said she could make it.  It took her quite a while to finish it but it was definitely a work of art.  She showed me the tag Norma had embroidered  with her name and the year it was made, 1976.  It was in perfect condition  even though it had been used for the last 40 years.

I couldn’t walk away from her story.  It was so important to her to tell it.  I also knew she wanted me to buy it.  It wasn’t about the money but because she’d seen my appreciation of the work and wanted someone to love it as much as she had.  She wanted Norma’s art and friendship to be admired and perhaps even their story to be passed down.

She told me that Norma had since passed away but she never looks at it without remembering her.  Her’s and Norma’s friendship touched my heart.  Her friend had worked solidly for ages to make her  the bedspread she had admired in a magazine. Those sort of pieces are more than a craft work, they are a statement of love.

I’ll be honest, if I hadn’t heard the story, I probably wouldn’t have bought it.  After all, my bedroom is all pink velvets and satins.  This was yellow and wool.   Absolutely beautiful yes, but nothing at all like my bedroom.  But I wanted to be able to pass their story on so I told myself I could use it as a photography backdrop and bought not just the bedspread but the story of their friendship.  Maybe I will use it as a backdrop.  Maybe I won’t.  Who knows?  But I’ve shared their story with you and I know one day, someone else will look at it and fall in love with it.  I’ll tell them the story and then they can be keeper of the daisies.

Until then, I’ve no doubt this lady felt better knowing Norma’s bedspread would be loved and I feel honoured to be the person loving it.  Norma, I’m sure you were looking down on the scene yesterday and smiling too, knowing how loved you still are.

Happy friendships…….Livvy xx