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Forget love.  I’d rather fall in a big bowl of chocolate fudge….. Livonne

So after our horrendous beginning to our holiday, we woke up this morning bright and optimistic.  My lucky penny was going to work for us.   After I’d written yesterday’s novel (or blog) about the crazy start to the trip, we had a bit of a leisurely morning, packing and changing our bags around making them easier to manage.  Then, we got dressed and left for the hotel Novotel in Greenwich to leave our bags there while we went out for the day.

We got here early and much to our surprise, when we explained that we were leaving our luggage here, the lovely girl at the desk said that our room was already organised for us so we could have it straight away.. YES!!! Never underestimate the power of a lucky penny.  We went to our room and decided that we’d wash the clothes that we wore during the journey from hell.  They were almost standing up and having been worn for such a long journey, then saturated by a night in the rain…… well you get the picture.. It wasn’t pretty.

We hand washed everything and hung it up before we headed out the door to go to Cambridge.  I was really excited as I was catching up with dear friends who I met when we lived next door to each other when the kids were little.  Our kids played together constantly.  They left Australia years ago and we lost touch.  Then a few years ago, I got a facebook message from Mel, who went to school with Lachlan, asking if I was indeed the same person.. I was thrilled to hear from her and to make contact again.

Mel came out here when she was turning 21 and we caught up with her then but I haven’t seen her Mum and Dad, David and Julie since they shifted back to England all those years ago.  I was thrilled to be seeing them again today.  So the journey began to Cambridge.  Leaving Greenwich, we had to travel to Bank Station before getting on another train to King’s Cross and then onto Cambridge.. Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it?  One would indeed think so.

The guy at the station told us to go to Bank, then go underground to get a train to King’s Cross.. Problem was, we were already underground.  Any further and we’d have become extras in some science fiction movie about the middle of the earth.  Turns out we had to go upstairs, which we did.  We did make it to King’s Cross though and saw the Harry Potter platform which was packed.  We checked the boards to find which platform to go to for Cambridge.  Ummm. the train was advertised but there was no platform displayed.  I asked the information lady, what platform it was  leaving from.  She said, it doesn’t have one yet. This was with less than 5 minutes to go.

Eventually it flashed Platform 10a and we raced to the train.  I got in first and Kirsty followed me.. At least that’s what I thought had happened.  I went to sit down and she was coming up further behind than I would have expected.  She said.. “Thanks for helping me”.. “Say what??  You were right behind me.”  Well it seems that as I walked in, she had put the  bag in and walked through  after it, and the door closed on her while her body was still halfway out.

It seemed that door snapped onto her bum quicker than the jewellery box onto Julia Roberts fingers in Pretty Woman. She couldn’t move to even push a button as her hands were both inside the train, holding onto the case.  Someone else must have pushed it and she got in.  She figured she was actually on Platform 9&3/4 and was actually walking through the wall and got stuck.  Seems here, unlike at home, doors just keep closing regardless of people being in the way.  As it was, they opened again a few minutes later to let other passengers on as well.

We settled in, with only a bruised bum and ego, enjoying the beautiful countryside as we went.  As we got further along, the well spoken lady calling the stations said that we were arriving in Hatfield and that you should exit here for Hatfield Hats.  We both laughed at the absurdity of that name until we realised she had said Hatfield House.  Then we just felt stupid. Oh well.. We’d be there soon enough.  Just as we were getting off the train, I got a phone call from Booking.com to check on us after our disastrous start. They are looking into the details now so hopefully something will be resolved but I was so impressed that they phoned to check on us.

I was hanging up from them as I saw the smiling faces of my old friends.. It was so wonderful to see them.  The years fell away and it was like old times. I guess good neighbours really do become good friends.   Mel and Kirsty got on well which I figured they would and they walked on a bit ahead, leading us to somewhere to have some lunch.  Along the way, they both decided that the quaint little fudge shop would be a great place to call into and try some free fudge.  The guy who was working there was spruiking the shop as well.  We tried a bit and said we’d come back on the way home.  I know he didn’t believe us.  Ah well.

We took a lovely walk along the river and saw lots of people on punts, pushing their way along the water.  It really is a gorgeous town.  Very old of course and the architecture is just to die for.  We sat down at a place and ordered some lunch and drinks.  Then the conversation really flowed.  It was such a great afternoon.  At one stage I mentioned that Kirsty had the power to frighten me with what photos she might take of me while I slept.  I saw the look on her face and I can read that guilt anywhere.  Yes, seems she took a photo of me last night when I was completely unconscious.  She tells me I’m lucky she didn’t get the GoPro out… I say she is the lucky one that she didn’t get it out lol.

Seems she was too thoughtful to turn a light on or use a flash, so the photo is quite dark .. phew.. Thank goodness she’s such a caring person.  We took a few photos, talked lots and lots then headed back to the car.  On the way, the girls, still leading the way, made their way back to the fudge shop. The guy was surprised to say the least but remembered us.  Oh Ye of little faith.   He realised we were from Australia and said he wanted to marry someone from there so he could shift to the beach, go surfing and open a fudge shop.

I, of course, volunteered Kirsty’s services here.  He quickly accepted and she carefully considered her options, then decided that if that meant a lifetime supply of fudge, she could probably do that.  He reassured her she didn’t even have to live with him, just marry him and make an honest Aussie of him.  We   decided to meet again when he knocked off at 6 but as luck would have it, we had to head back to our hotel for an early start tomorrow, so I guess for now she’s still single.  But, at least she can say she’s already had a proposal of marriage along the way.

We got back to our hotel, walked to an off license to grab some rolls for tomorrow’s breakfast and then packed our bags for the big trip the next day.  If she can get a fudging proposal in Cambridge, imagine what awaits Kirsty in the city of love.  Ooh la la!

Happy fudging…..Livvy xxx