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We are the rememberers.  The people left behind to keep the ones who have gone from us alive in heart and mind.  The people left to cherish and preserve a legacy.  Yes we are the rememberers… And we always will be….. Unknown

Today,  the last remaining sibling of my mother’s left this world to join her family who have already departed.  She had been surrounded by her loving family until she crossed over to the arms of those who must have been missing her so badly.

The youngest daughter of my beloved grandmother, she was adored by my Mum when she was born.  It was a love that never died.  As they got older, it was so precious to watch the love between them.  When Mum was dying, Aunty Poss would visit often and they would have a language that only they could understand.  Yes, we understood the words but the meaning was a private thing between them alone.  She preferred the name Kathleen, but we all called her Poss, as that was the nickname she’d been given as a baby.  It stuck and she couldn’t escape it.

Years ago, my cousin (her son) was killed in a motorbike accident.  I remember watching her on the day of the funeral and being shocked by the grief I saw.  I was young and had no idea that anyone could suffer so deeply from heartbreak.  I spoke to Mum about it and she tried to explain the pain Aunty Poss must be feeling at losing her beautiful boy, John.  It always haunted me.  Many years later when my own precious daughter was killed, my memory went right back to the grief on her face and I understood with absolute clarity the pain she had carried for all those years.  We shared an understanding that neither of us wanted.

Today is the day her soul took flight.  It is also her beloved John’s and Gargie’s birthday.  She has missed way too many of their birthdays over the years since they left, but that all ended today.  It is my absolute belief that they would have been there to welcome her home into their loving arms.  Alongside them would be all her siblings and loved ones who had already passed over.  Whilst sadness fills my heart it also puts a smile on my face to think of the reunion they will be having now.

They were a close knit family.  Nine siblings who were raised mainly by their Irish mother who was widowed when the youngest kids were just babies.   It was through the depression and there were no pensions.  Just hard times.  Those hard times formed that family into a solid unit who adored each other.  Their mother was a queen in their eyes and they shared moments in time that we couldn’t begin to understand, no matter how much we tried. It was such a different world to the one we know.

I can’t even begin to imagine how Aunty Poss must have felt to be the last one of them left here after Aunty Joan died.  I know she loved her girls and their families with all her heart, so she was surrounded by love but I also have no doubt that, like me, her heart cried to be with her child in heaven again too.  Today, her heart’s yearning was answered.

Even while we weep, a joyous reunion is happening in another realm.  My heart goes out to her daughters and their families and I send my love and strength to them, especially my beautiful cousin and friend Deb.  Losing a mother is hard enough at any time, but right before Mother’s Day, it’s a constant reminder every year of the beautiful soul they have lost.

Rest in peace Aunty.   Give the family a huge kiss for us all.  They are all so loved and so missed.  While I grieve your loss, I am happy you are at peace and safe once again in the loving arms of your family.   The circle is once again unbroken.

May the road rise to meet you.  May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face.  The rains falls soft upon your fields. 

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. 

Loving you, until the twelfth of never….

Happy reunion… Livvy xxxx