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Curiosity… It keeps us moving forward, exploring, experimenting, opening new doors… Walt Disney

I think I’ve always had a problem with boredom.  My mind is always looking for something new to occupy it, a new challenge to conquer, a new kind of knowledge to learn.  I often say that I’ll be that old lady at college at 87, learning a new skill.  I love trying something new.  It’s exciting.

When my laptop decided it didn’t much like the Adobe suite anymore, I gave up on trying to fully  edit the images from the photoshoot that I came here to Bundanon Trust to work on.  But never fear, I had heaps to do still to keep me occupied and I’d brought a lot of other art supplies down here other than just photography and props.  So, I decided to take a break from my series work and declared the day to be an experimental day.  Sometimes you just need to step away from a project to see it with fresh eyes later.

I had brought paint and canvases down here with me.  Now I am not a painter.  I have painted but it’s not something that I think I’m particularly good at.  I can copy reasonably well but painting something original seems to be beyond me.  I  have to actually look at the work to see how to construct it rather than creating something from my mind.  I tend to think that without some form of original concept, you cannot call yourself an artist.  I know that most things are not completely original and have a beginning in a previous artwork but I see many people calling themselves artists while simply copying someone else’s work or concepts.  I think being an artist is more than being technically skilled but is a way of thinking.  There are probably many artists who have never created a single thing but have concepts galore going on in their head.     I have a million ideas when it comes to sculpture or photography and lots of other things in between, but painting has always drawn a bit of a blank for me in originality.

So I decided yesterday I was going to do some painting regardless of how it turned out.   I didn’t want it to beat me.  I have been watching lots of artists on Youtube, just to see what they were doing and how they came up with their concepts.. not wanting to copy, just to give it a try and be inspired.  I decided to try something more abstract as I can be a bit rigid in always making something have to make sense.  I’ll admit to borrowing the idea from a Youtuber but it was simply for experimental purposes.  So out to the studio I went and started to just put paint on canvas.

I primed, I mixed, I brushed, I poured.   Then when I’d finished, I hated it so I washed the  canvas off and left it to dry.  Ah well, at least I can say I tried.  But the good thing is, I knew what mistakes I’d made, how to fix them next time and what to do to make it my own without being a copy of someone else’s work, so it wasn’t a waste. Did you notice I said Next Time?  Yes I will try it again.  I enjoyed it and it was a good learning curve.  I was pleased with aspects of it, so took some photos of it before it got washed off.  The idea wasn’t necessarily to create a masterpiece but to experiment.  And experiment I did, so I’m pleased with the results, even if I have empty paint pots and canvas again,

Later in the afternoon, Wanda from Accessible Arts came to visit so I took some photos of the other artists in residence as well as one of our resident wombats again.  Late in the afternoon we all wandered up to the Musician’s Cottage which has been home this week for the lovely Kate and Felicity, for drinks and nibbles.  It was so lovely getting to know the other artists a bit more.  Such a lovely and inspiring group of people.

One of those artist is Phillip Debs, a photographer who is using his time here at Bundanon to categorize his 175,000 images with the intent of publishing them into a book.  As photographers, especially in the age of digital photography, we tend to have hard drives full of images that never get seen, so I hope he does get them published as I’m sure it would be a great book.

When I got back from the Musicians cottage, I had some dinner, then started to do a light edit of some of the images from Thursdays photoshoot.  Next to me was the large cut glass crystal I picked up at the op shop, so I held it up to the computer and loved the kaleidoscope effect. I  grabbed my iphone and snapped a few photos through it.  Another experiment on experimental day.

After that it was another early night.   I’m certainly catching up on my missed sleep here.  By early evening I’m exhausted and then am up at sunrise each day.  It’s actually a lovely habit to be getting into.  I might try to keep it going at home.

Happy Experimenting…. Livvy xxx