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To make money in any way you can.. Quomodocunquize.  Credited to Scotsman Thomas Urquhart in 1652. Pronunciation: Kwo Mo Doc En Kize (or near that)

Todays word that time forgot is Quomodocunquize.  I thought this word was relevant today when we see the profiteering  happening at the moment.  People buying up huge amounts of toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitizers etc and then trying to onsell at large profits.  Stores that have stocks of these products and have put the price up ridiculously high.  Yes, they are making money any way they can.  But we, as consumers, remember.

You’d think I’d be talking about the Snollygosters here, (last week’s word) but this time I’m not.  Yes, they are usually the ones who are trying to make money any way they can and at the expense of the nation.  This time however, it is the storekeepers (though definitely not all) and the greedy, selfish, rapacious varlets who are to blame for the way so many of our society are going without the basics.  FYI – Rapacious means aggressively greedy or  grasping and Varlet is a dishonest or unprincipled man (or woman I guess).

We are definitely seeing the worst of society right now, but here, riding in like a knight in shining armour,  comes the goodness.  We sometimes forget to look for the kindness that is all around us, but we need to and it is everywhere.  People who are prepared to help another person.  My niece was in a supermarket the other day and saw an elderly lady trying to get a few items while people were pushing in front of her.  My beautiful niece gave the lady the $40 cash she had in her purse and told her she  should get a few extras to last her.  The older lady  was so grateful.  That’s just one story out of thousands and it demonstrates the goodness that I’m talking about.

Cafes and restaurants are cooking meals and delivering them to those who are self isolated or unable to get out, often free of charge.  These businesses have already been hit hard with the downturn of business but they are still caring about the community. I’ve heard of other people dropping postcards around their neighbourhoods,  letting the vulnerable know they can shop for them, deliver or help in any way.  People in supermarkets are handing over their toilet paper, tissues, eggs etc to others who look like they need it more. Community Facebook groups have constant offers of help to those who are struggling.  

We didn’t get the American show Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood here in Australia but have since heard about him through the new movie.  He is credited as saying.. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers.  You will always find people  who are helping.”  His mother was a wise woman.  Teaching children to look for the good helps their anxiety, their fear and gives them a yardstick of human goodness to aim for as they get older.

So lets not   dwell on the Quomodocunquizers or the Rapacious Varlets.  Let’s dwell instead on the helpers.  The people prepared to make sure everyone in their community is okay.  Those who show kindness, whether big or small.  They should be our focus.  They are the soul of the community.  The others are non events who will eventually have a run in with the Karma bus. They don’t deserve our attention.

I hope you have everything you need to get you through this time.  I hope you get help if you need it and that you offer help where you can. This will pass but what will be left out of the chaos, is the memory of the people who cared.  Be one of those people.  You don’t know who is merely hanging on by a thread….. As I said yesterday, In a world that has decided that it’s going to lose it’s mind, be more kind my friends, try to be more kind.  Thank you Frank Turner.. words to live by.  By the way, if you have time on your hands now and want to listen to some fresh music, find Frank Turners music on Youtube.  Be more kind is on there..

Happy being the opposite of a Quomodocunquizer. … Livvy xxx

Letter of love