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It has been said that men speak about 7000 words a day and women about 20,000.  I guess it depends on the day and the company.  If I’m spending the day with girlfriends I could use triple that amount of words by lunchtime but usually I’m at home on my own so I use very few words for the day… But I do know that I have hundreds of thousands of words going round in my head all the time and now that I’ve passed the 51 year mark, I’m worried that I’m running out of time to get them all out.

Until I shifted to the Blue Mountains, I was well on my way to speaking all the words and thoughts I had bouncing round in my head, as I had an active social life and lots of friends and family who I saw all the time. Now, however, I am re establishing myself in a new place and working from home, so spend a lot of time on my own  with only my dog Bobby to talk to through the day, so it’s a quieter existence.  As I do work from home and am in a new environment, it’s much harder to make new friends and thus, relieve my head of the weight of the words.

So here I am.. and hopefully here you are too, reading the ramblings of a middle aged woman who loves to talk and type.  My life has been fun, crazy, traumatic, sad, happy and heaps of other adjectives….. but it’s never been boring.  Born the 11th of 12 kids, raised in a 3 bedroom housing commission house, there was never enough room or silence to be boring.  I was weaned on noise.  If you wanted to be heard, you had to be loud. Luckily, I am by nature a born extrovert who loves being noticed.

It’s a bit hard to find yourself in amongst that chaos so the last 51 years has been an interesting journey.  Hopefully you’ll get to know a bit more about my own “personal discovery tour”  into my psyche: the people who influenced me, both positively and negatively, the people who lifted me when I needed it and those who put me back in my box, the trials and tribulations of my time on this earth and what goes through my head…. In short, what makes me tick….

You’ll have to forgive me if I bounce back and forth between the years.  Those of you who have reached middle age will understand the comfort of revisiting the past.  Life seemed kinder and more forgiving.  It probably wasn’t, but time is a great healer of memories and so the hard times are seen through eyes that are naturally starting to blur with age, both physically and mentally.

But of course, every now and then, something will occur in the present , whether to me, to my family and friends or to a complete stranger that I want to ramble on about.  So bear with me  as I time travel back and forth, living, re-living and just generally having an opinion on everything.  We’re allowed to do that as we get older.  It’s our prerogative…. We’ve earned it!

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me on this journey.  I’ll love having you as my travel companion. Every journey needs a starting point so here’s me with one of my regular “travel through life” companions, Annie.. Wine tastes so much better when it’s shared with a friend and she ensures my glass is always full of laughter and happiness.  I met Annie about 12 years ago in a chat room.  We lived in the same town, worked for the same company and had lived similar lives in a lot of ways.  Over the years we have laughed, cried, fought, talked, (not talked) and shared numerous glasses of wine… She is the winner of the “worst dates of a lifetime” trophy and her stories make me laugh till I cry… So do her typos… But most of all she makes me feel safe to be who I am.  It’s indeed a rare thing to find a friend who lets you be your own kind of beautiful.. I’m pretty damn lucky all in all..  You will get to know my friends in time..all beautiful in their own way..  and all a special kind of crazy.. ….

So for now, cheers and happy traveling…. Livvy xxx