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I have to confess.. I collect a few things that other people think are really odd.  I, however, think they are perfectly reasonable and can’t understand how people can’t want to collect them. They are the ultimate in collections.

First up is the humble snow dome. I mean seriously, how cool are they?  The magic they conjure up when you shake them and see the snow falling over the scene inside.  Wow.. straight back to childhood I go.  I had one of the read along books and records when I was little.  Mary Poppins! As soon as the bell rang on the record, it meant you had to turn the page.  They were a great reading tool as you wanted to follow what they were saying on the record.  I personally blame Julie Andrews for my snow dome obsessi………….oops I mean collection.

Who could possibly forget the beauty of ♫ Feed the birds, tuppence a bag.. tuppence … tuppence…. tuppence a bag ♫… sigh.. The moment I first saw her shake the snow dome then transport Jane and Michael into the land encased by the glass of the snow dome, I was hooked. I wanted to go there with them.  I wanted to feed the birds.. I wanted to hear her calling out.. while overhead her birds filled the skies.  It was pretty exciting stuff.

I happened to mention a few years ago that I collect snow domes.. Since then, they have been arriving thick and fast.  I have them from all over the globe.  Anyone who goes overseas tends to bring me back one if they can find them.  I adore them all.  I have written on them, who brought them for me and what year they traveled.   It’s great to live vicariously through my friends and family.  I have exciting places like Paris and Turkey but also have some home grown ones, like Lithgow, Blue Mountains and Sydney.  They still excite me.. I think they always will.

The other completely Nerdy thing I collect is Doris Day DVD’s.  Yes, i can hear you all groaning already, but i bet if I asked you for a movie she was in, you’d all be able to give me a movie and a brief synopsis of the storyline.  Face it, she was the it girl.  She made about 40 movies all in all and I have at least 20 of them already.  I could watch Calamity Jane and The Glass Bottomed Boat.  The fact that she had gorgeous leading men in the guise of Howard Keel and the yummy Rod Taylor ensures I could watch the movies till the cows come home.

I also have a collection of angels.. To be fair here, these really were thrust upon me.  The day my daughter died, 2 of my nieces headed straight down from Sydney to Geelong. On the way they saw a framed poster of 2 angels.. They brought it for me and it still holds pride of place in my house.   After that, everyone figured I collected them. which it seemed now I did. My collection grew over the years.. however I have become a bit more choosy with what angels I like.. Thankfully I’ve never been given one of those awful ones where the angel is peeing in the fish pond.. and no, that was not a challenge to find one.. I hate them lol.

Sadly, I recently discovered another collection I have.. Pink feathers…. Not just any pink feathers but bird statues who have their plumage painted pink.  While watering the garden, I discovered, to my delight that all the figurines in the garden were of things with wings. I like to think that the feathers are a constant reminder that I’m here… where the heart heals itself.  I’m trying to find a nice translation of the words.. “Where broken wings come to heal.”   That’s where I feel I am at the moment.  In a place where I can mend these wings which have become earthbound while I waited to find where I belong.  Much to my delight I suddenly realised that I own one pink owl.. 2 pink flamingos and one beautiful pinky angel.  They add so much colors.. yet all have their own personalities.. just as the people who bought them for me.  Yes, an inspired collection.

What do you collect? I’d love to hear your stories of your collections and how you began to collect stuff.  Did people buy them or did you make a conscientious decision to collect them.  Do you have a set of something you hate but was too polite to say first time that you hated it… so kept getting a nice set of them, year after year, since you seemed to like the first horrid thing so much? Face it, whatever you collect can’t be as nerdy as Doris Day movies..

Happy Collecting… Livvy 🙂

Merry Christmas from the Snow Dome Queen