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Daily Horoscope: January 12, 2013

It’s a great day to tackle big, long-range challenges. Your ability to coordinate people and information and pull them all together into a master plan is as strong as it has ever been!


Now that’s a bit freaky.  I just read that before I started to write this blog.. knowing what the subject was going to be about.  I guess even the stars know I have to challenge myself.   Just thought I’d mention that.

Okay, so late last year (that still sounds weird but we’ll get used to it) you may remember I asked for suggestions as to what I should do to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and really start to live again.  In accepting the challenge I made a pact with myself that I would do one new thing every month so here I am updating you on some of my decisions.

This all came about after being inspired by my new blog friend Berocca and her challenge changer blog, so I asked for suggestions as to what to do each month and got some great suggestions, both on here and on Facebook. One of those challenges was to take the step to begin to learn a new language so I’ve decided to make that February’s mission.  I have found a set of CD’s I got from a Sunday newspaper here in NSW a few years ago and am going to start to learn Italian.  My son will put it all on my phone next time he’s here so I can play it every night to subconsciously have it sink in.  I truly believe that’s one of the best ways to absorb another language.

So February’s mission is set and I’ll begin on the first of the month. . It of course is an ongoing challenge to myself but I hope that by December 2013, I could happily go to Italy and make myself understood.   So now I start to think about other things..  One of the challenge suggestions I got was to take a flying lesson.  Now I thought this may be out of my league but I was driving through Bathurst last week when lo and behold I see a sign for flying lessons.  First flight is only $85 so I’ve decided to take that challenge on as it’s affordable.. Just one lesson.. That’s enough and it’s another month to be ticked off when I get around to it.

I have a friend visiting at the moment and as we toured Sydney city the other day with our incredible tour guide (well, very knowledgeable friend) we decided that all 3 of us would climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge on one of their bridge climbs, so we’ll have to wait for Annie to come up again to visit before we do that, but it’s one of the challenges on the list.  We also have a desire to spend a week in the south of France and a week in Tuscany where those Italian lessons will pay off,  but that might have to wait until another year. We’ll focus on 2013 for now..

I was talking to my cousin last week and she told me of her (and her hubby’s) plans to go in convoy with her brother (also my cousin) and his wife to Alice Springs to go to see the camel races.  Now this piqued my interest for a few reasons.  One is, I adore my cousins.  They are my friends through choice.. not just because we’re related.  So a journey like this could be a blast.  The other reason is that I’ve always wanted to go to Alice Springs.  I have been to every state except for the Northern Territory and while there are numerous places in this vast land of ours I would still like to visit, Alice is one of the ones on my bucket list.  So, assuming it all goes ahead… that’s DEFINITELY one that I’ll enjoy challenging myself with.

I will start my photography course in February and I have a photograph that I want to take.  To me it’s the ultimate in trick photography and I want to make it another of my challenges for a month.  By December I will have that picture, printed onto a canvas and hanging on my wall.  It will be one of the later in the year challenges as I want to complete my course first so I know, to some degree, what I’m doing.

Another thing I will do one month is to have a total pamper day. This is something I have NEVER done.  I have never had a pedicure or a full massage.  I have always had better things to do with my time and money than spend it indulging myself and this in many ways, will be one of the harder challenges.  As a parent, you always seem to put your own needs last and this has always been the case.  My boys were lucky that I studied massage and so was always able to ease any aches and pains they had but other than the compulsory massages we had to have while studying the course, I have never had one myself.  I guess it’s time to set a whole day aside for just me.  Hair done, facial, body massage and pedicure.  No point in a manicure as I bite my nails..

I don’t have free to air TV where I am so have to have Foxtel (pay TV) and to be honest I find it a complete waste of money as most of the shows are repeats or utter garbage.. (as soon as we get free to air aerial, pay tv is going ) but I have fallen in love with the lifestyle channel, especially Kirstie’s Homemade series where the host Kirstie Alsop learns new skills from artists and tradespeople.  One of the things she has tried is glass blowing.  I have two friends up here who would also love to try that, so I’m now looking around to see who teaches it and the logistics of booking in and learning the age old art.

So that, by my reckoning, is 7 challenges I’ve set myself so far.  I will have achieved them all (unless the trip to Alice Springs is cancelled) by December 2013… so now I have another 5 challenges to set.. I still need your help.  What else can I do that will make me step outside my usual boundaries and feel like I’m really experiencing life.  I hope you’ll all put your thinking caps on and help me set the remaining 5 challenges to make 2013 the year of the challenge.  I also hope you are challenging yourselves to break down some of your barriers and live life to the fullest.  Let me know!!

Happy thinking for me….. Livvy 🙂