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Okay, so it’s February and coming down from my high of the Blogger of the Year award, I’m settling into the swing of the new year and the promises I made to myself.  So in Accepting the Challenge I told you about some of the things I wanted to do and asked for your imput.  Then in 2013 The Year of the challenge and so it begins I told you about the things I’d accepted.  I know I didn’t write about my challenge for January but that was to enter and win the BOTY awards, which I did, so January, challenge completed.

Now I have to start on February’s challenge and that was to learn Italian.  So today I subscribed to Learn Italian for Fun and am going to follow along and try to learn a new thing each week… This week’s lesson is to learn the days of the week in Italian.  By this time next week, I will be able to tell you all what day of the week it is without having to read it or be prompted and hopefully with the right accent on the words.  Thank you Lucrezia.  I’m looking forward to learning your beautiful language.

I’ve also changed the month I am visiting Ayres Rock (Uluru) to July, and that trip is in the planning now.  I’m very excited about it.  It will be great company with a couple of my crazy cousins and we are camping the whole way, so while it will be a roughing it trip, I’m sure it will be filled with adventure and laughter.  I can’t wait to start it and document it all in photos and on here.

Speaking of photos, it’s 4 days now till I start my photography course at TAFE.  I’ve been taking photos for years of course, but now I want to learn all those little tricks of the trade that I’ve only ever been in awe of.   Starting school again at 51 and I feel quite nervous but excited, just like a 5 year old starting primary school.  I can’t wait to start learning again. I love doing courses.  I love the challenge of getting your brain around new concepts.  I love learning new things.

I don’t have many decent day clothes as I spend most of my days at home on the computer, writing, making slideshows and wasting time on facebook so I went to the op shop the other day and they had a huge sale on.  All ladies clothes for $1 a piece.  I bought 29 tops the first day and went back and bought 12 pairs of pants and another 4 tops the next day.  All for a princely sum of $45.  They don’t all fit me as I wasn’t going to try them all on there but mostly they are fantastic.  People around me will be getting the ones that don’t fit or I’ll donate them back to the op shop.  At that price, I don’t mind donating them back if they don’t fit.

So this month, I’m starting my Italian language journey, thanks to the lovely Lucrezia.  I’m also starting my Photgraphy course and in two weeks I head down to Geelong for my nieces wedding so all in all, the shortest month of the year is really a very busy one.  Because of the travel I want to do , I’m also starting to walk daily to get my fitness levels up.  So noone will be able to accuse me of being bored this month.  Now to set March’s challenge.  I’m still open for suggestions.

Buon Venerdi (Happy Friday)…. Livvy 🙂

Happy Friday