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A few years ago I was living in a place that had lilies growing wild in the paddocks. I dug a heap of them up, picked up a heap of empty plastic pots on freecycle and a few bags of potting mix. I proceeded to plant them all out.  After a while, they all died off and I thought I’d lost them.  Thankfully they had just died off for the winter and over the years have multiplied numerous times.  There was one lone bronze colored lily amongst those I’ve planted and it’s only ever flowered once in about 3 years.  It came out again in the last few days but has slightly changed it’s color showing a more yellow & red color than the bronze I planted. But still only one flower.  Hopefully it will multiply this year as all the yellow and white ones have.  Regardless, I’m loving the beauty of it.  One lone flower can make me happy.  I guess it depends on how we view the world around us. Makes me smile

This was taken on a HDR setting

Happy smiling.. Livvy 🙂