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When you clear your memory card, take a photo of your business card or some other identifying thing as the first photo, so if your camera is found, you are instantly able to be located.

I read this really amazing tip the other day and now I forget where I read it.  If I read it on your blog please don’t think I’m stealing your ideas without giving credit.  I honestly can’t remember and it isn’t my tip.  I just think it’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard in ages. When I read a few ads lately in newspapers and on public posting sites where people have lost their cameras, it reminded me of this wise bit of advice.  I just wanted to share it with everyone so they can do the same thing.

I went about it a bit differently, though any identifying piece of information will work.  I just made a sign on publisher like the photo attached and then saved it as a picture to keep on my computer.  As soon as I clear my memory card again, I just take a photo of the picture on my computer.  Instantly, if someone turns my camera on to try to find out who it belongs to, they have my details and can get in touch.

Some photos are just too precious to lose, let alone expensive camera equipment.  That is at least replaceable: those photos aren’t.  So consider doing something like this to give yourself more of a chance to get your camera back. I hope you find this tip useful.

Happy Snapping… Livvy 🙂

First photo on memory card