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I must be in a particularly nostalgic mood lately, as I find myself youtubing all the old shows I used to watch as a kid.  One of my absolute favorites was Milton the Monster.  Now, let me make it completely clear…. I hate the hoirror/monster/vampire genre in movies..I have never watched, Silence of the Lambs, The Exorcist, Wolf Creek, The Twilight Movies, The Tomatoes that Ate Paris, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and any movies vaguely like that,  but something about Milton caught my imagination as a kid.

He was so sweet and funny.  I think I even had a bit of a crush on him.  Count Cook and Heebie and Jeebie all added to the fun.  I think the most important thing I loved was that Milton always came out the winner, regardless of how bad the others all were.

Most of all I LOVED THE THEME SONG! Yes this goes straight back to my love of jingles and tv show themes.  There were two in Milton.. There was the “on top of old horror hill” one and then there was ” It’s chilling and thrilling and also shock filling, the Milton the Monster Show”.  I loved them both and can still recite them word for word as I could when I was a young girl.

I think children today miss out on a lot of the innocence we were privileged to have as kids. We weren’t inundated with creepy stuff that made our nightmares even worse.. nor did the stuff we watch desensitise us to the horrors of life which I think a lot of programs today do.

So for your viewing pleasure.. sit back and enjoy the first episode of Milton and the two themes..