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They say Home is where the Heart is.  I truly believe that.  So for my interpretation of this weeks Photo Challenge, I’ve put a photo I took years ago of my Mum and my daughter Aimee.  They may both have earned their angels wings but they still live on in my  heart.

Growing up, home wasn’t a home without Mum there.  If we came home from school and she was out (which was indeed a rarity), we were lost.  Coming home to that welcoming smile and warmth was everything a child could need.  When Aimee came along, I realised even more how much Mum meant to me.  It’s only when you have your own child do you appreciate how much your parents must have loved you.  That love is way too powerful to be put into words.

Nowadays, home is wherever my sons are. .  Although one lives here and one in Victoria, they are in my heart and home truly is where the heart is.  This photo was taken at Stuart’s 21st.. It was a country and western night as Stuart loves country.  Lachlan decided to surprise Stuart by dressing up as his favorite character, Woody from Toy Story. It was a great night surrounded by family and friends.. That’s truly home.

Mum & Aimee

Dress up time