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In 2006, I was at a really low point in my life.  The business I was running closed down, I broke my arm shifting house and I was at my wit’s end.  I felt like nothing would ever go right for me again.  I was in a grey fog I couldn’t find my way out of.  Then a dotcom happened.

I’ve written before about my internet friends (the dotcoms) and how they have made my life so much better.  The love, support and generosity of these people still overwhelms me somedays.  We all met in a chat room and created a bond that still lingers long after MSN closed our chat room down.  Well it was around that time, one of my dotcom friends, Anniecap, phoned and realised what sort of state I was in.  Before I knew what had happened, she had booked a ticket for me to come over and stay with her and her husband Gary near Perth, Western Australia.  Poor poor Gary.

You see, it was a 2 for 1 flight special, so my friend Anne came along too.  Then when Cheryl (Miss Chop) heard, she booked as well, so Gary had all 3 of us, who he’d never met as well as Annie to cope with for 12 days.  While I was over there, I wrote a diary that was posted online.  I guess it would have been my first blog if I thought of calling it that.  It was posted up online in a chat community for our friends to read so they knew what we were doing during our trip.

These ramblings are now known as the YaYa meet WaWa Diaries.  In the book review of The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood I explained that we had started our own chapter of the sisterhood.  (If you haven’t seen the movie you have to).  So we always called our Western Australian friends the WaWas as they weren’t yet initiated into the YaYas.  We called the trip, the YaYa meet WaWa 2006 trip and the rest is an amazing memory.

Here are the diaries.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.  The people involved in these stories will probably tell you that this is a work of fiction, but don’t believe them.  I’m positive all this happened.  And I will always stand by my motto… never let the truth get in the way of a good story.  😉

Day 0…. The big day has finally arrived

Well, the big day has finally arrived.  Miss Chop (aka VIP YaYa) got to my place on Tuesday night, ready for an early start to ensure we didn’t miss the plane.  Her usual waking time is 5am and today was no exception, so as she snuck past my room to make herself a cup of coffee, I said.. “good morning” and she reminded me of the good news…… NO MORE SLEEPS!!  Today was it, so being the cool, calm, collected person I am, I got out of bed and calmly went into panic mode.

We did what we had to do…. Showered, repacked, gaffer taped our YAYA’S ON TOUR signs to our cases (or in Miss Chop’s case, her truffle bag) and went into town on a few last minute missions.  By 11am we were organised adn quietly sipping coffee, when my sister in law Julie arrived to be our chauffeur for the trip to Avalon Airport.  We thought we may have to wait for Anne (for future reference to be known as her nickname Sal), but no!! she was on time, throwing us all out with her promptness.  She was in fact early.. unheard of.  We had another coffee, did a few more last minute preparations, changed into our YaYa TShirts and headed off to the airport via the shopping centre for new sunglasses and the post office for a parcel pick up.

We got to Avalon and dragged our luggage out of the car, had a picture taken at the sign which says it’s 3413 km’s to Perth and then headed into the terminal where we stressed whether we would get our beautiful gift for Anniecap  on board the plane.  It was a huge spoon rack in the shape of Australia with every state being covered in it’s own color glitter and a furry map of Tasmania hanging off the bottom. We were in luck.  They let us take it on.  I think they were too busy laughing at it to stop us.  They also let us take our YaYa head dresses onboard too so we were happy little vegemites.  Our bags were a tad full but we were going for 12 days and I was prepared to pay excess luggage for my make up bag.  I have an image to uphold.

Once through the security beeper machine and with a blue boarding pass in hand, (that means we are the first to board after oldies, kids and disabled), we sat down and partook a few  quiet drinkies just to ensure safe travel.  Being an hour and a half early for our flight, we distracted ourselves with making observations about other people in the terminal and seeing how many air crash disasters comments we could make, thereby throwing Miss Chop into a spin.  We moved closer to the boarding area, to ensure we got good seats and before you knew it, somebody started to line up, so we ran and followed them before the call was made to do so.

So much for their tickets. They only had silver tickets which meant we got on before them, so they had to go to another queue and we were in line only behind one other couple. We tried to psyche them out so they’d go to another line but they found us mildly amusing instead and chose to stay.  FINALLY…. THE ANNOUNCEMENT….  All those flying on Jetstar to Perth, please line up.. Too late.. we already had.

The kiddies, oldies etc boarded and then it was our turn.  We wandered off across the tarmac, let Chop go up the stairs first as she had first dibs on the window seat, then headed up just past the wing, took our seats and got ready for our adventure.  Oh how exciting.

So, we had just sat down and were preparing for our flight.  We had some lovely cabin staff, including one guy who looked a bit like Guy Sebastian minus the afro. They showed us all the safety stuff and we started to move.  Miss Chop was quite blase about the whole thing (or so she appeared) while Sal and I were like kids in a candy store.. We were excited.. actually, excited is an understatement.

Up up and away… we took off.  the flight went fairly well and was reasonably uneventful unless you count the lousy quality bourbon and rum they served on board.  Just as well I don’t drink rum and bourbon :).  I had a vodka cruiser.. Nothing wrong with them.  they tasted fantastic.   I watched a movie about a woman jumping the fence…. then an episode of Dharma & Greg.  Sal watched Date Movie with Miss Chop.  It all seemed very silly from what I saw of it and I’m way too mature and grown up for silly.   The DVD’s distracted us enough, so that I only asked Sal what the time was 150 times… pretty good I thought.

Finally the pilot… lovely chappy… told us that it was about 20 minutes until our descent into Perth, so we knew it was time to make ourselves beautiful for our arrival in the land of the WaWa.  We did the hot seat shuffle and all our YaYa hats on which caught the eye of many passengers and the flight crew.  We did convert one lovely hostess to the YaYa cause and she was going straight home to pick up a copy of the movie so she could become a YaYa with her friends.   We then popped our flannie pyjama pants on, refreshed our make up, I donned my  Cat’s scarf (Aussie Rules Footy) and we were finally ready to make a grand arrival at Perth Airport. 

It was a bit of a rough landing but YaYas are never fearful.  Some rude man pushed past us rushing to get off the plane first but that was fine because we  wanted to make a grand entrance by being last off the plane anyway.  We crossed the Tarmac, answering a few more questions about our attire (from the pilot this time) and headed up  the escalator to the main area of the airport where Alannah (Karen Wa’s daughter) was waiting to escort us to our hostesses.  We got a few odd looks from people.. I mean, haven’t they ever seen a YaYa in pyjamas and full head dresses on before?  Anyway, Karen had a slight chuckle when she saw us but we had to look for Anniecap as she was hiding from us at the bar.   It’s okay.  We made sure EVERYONE knew we were with her ..

We had a few more drinks at the bar, picked up our luggage.  Thankfully, it was reasonably easy to pick.. Mine was hot pink, Sal’s was lime green with huge flowers painted on it  and Miss Chop’s is orange and black.  They all had our YaYa’s on Tour signs, still gaffer taped to them.  We then headed on our journey back to the residence of Anniecap and the lovely Gary, who later that night, we made an honorary YaYa and bestowed on him, the name, Sir Suffers In Silence.  

We made a brief detour to a bottle shop where we had a rather lovely chat with the man serving us and the man waiting to be served.  So far, the natives seem to be friendly, so that’s a good sign.  When we got back to the house, we had a lovely dinner with Annie, Gary, Karen Wa, Alannah, Kareyn (with a Y) and Musicman.  It was slightly disconcerting to find myself being the target of a tennis ball onslaught by Gary within 30 minutes of getting there, but I guess the natives here display hospitality a bit different than those of us on the East coast of Australia. 

We went to bed, tired, worn out but very very happy to have finally made the pilgrimage to the land of the WaWa which has been on our list of must do’s for a number of years. … The journey has just begun..

And so the first day of our YaYa trip was over.  I’ll post a new chapter each Wednesday so you can read   the rest of how our trip went.

Happy YaYa’ing….. Livvy 🙂

Arriving at Perth Airport

The Luggage