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I’ve been very quiet the last few days as I’ve been away for a long weekend.  I had a family wedding to attend and also a high tea party for a friend’s birthday.  I also spent some much needed time with my son who lives in Victoria.  I’m completely exhausted but it was a lovely time catching up with family and friends.

The wedding was a lovely time.  My second oldest niece was matron of honor which was a complete miracle when you think that just after Christmas she was fighting for her life with a very small chance of survival after an aneurism.  She’s now in a hospital rehabilitation centre to get all her motor skills back again, but to see her walking down the aisle in front of her younger sister brought tears to all our eyes.  People sometimes question my sanity when I say I believe in miracles, yet I’ve seen so many examples of them.  She was given very little chance of living, let alone being able to walk away down an aisle only two months afterwards.  We all gave thanks for her recovery though she still has some hard work to go through.  It was a beautiful day for a gorgeous couple.  They have planned their wedding so many times over the last 18 years but something always happened to have to put it off.  We were sure this time would have to be postponed too but thankfully, the matron of honor took her rightful place in the wedding party before returning to the hospital.  Life really is good.

The next day was the high tea for Annie’s birthday.  She cooked tiny scones, muffins, quiches and made yummy club sandwiches cut into tiny fingers.  Add to that tiny cupcakes, fruit platters, iced tea, pink champagne and pots of tea with milk and sugar, the day really was quite swish. It was such a pleasant afternoon, albeit too hot for my liking.  The tables were set up under a tree in her backyard for shade.  We all started the day being very demure however as the heat hit, the waterpistols came out, then the buckets.  By that time I hid my camera for it’s own safety.  Water and cameras are natural enemies. It really was a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon; good friends, good food, good conversation and water pistols.. Life doesn’t get any better does it?

the table before the food and guests

even the dog wore a hat

the roses loved the water pistols

the food wore a hat too