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Last week, I started sharing the YaYa Diaries I wrote while traveling to Perth in 2006.  Part 1 can be read here. Now for Part 2.. the first full day in Perth. I’m sorry this is a bit late.. In Australia it’s just nearing midnight on Wednesday but I’ve had a really busy day, so it’s heading into Thursday.

After a good sleep in our new home, we awoke, refreshed and ready to see the world they call WaWaLand… actually, it’s us that calls it WaWaLand, no one else that I know of.  Sal and Chop were up early, sitting out on the deck, embracing the morning sun.  After a little while, I followed suit and dragged my sorry butt out onto the deck with a nice hot cup of tea in hand.  We let our hostess, Annie, sleep in, as good guests do and while she slept we decided since they hadn’t had much rain over here lately, so we should do our native naked YaYa rain dance. This is so secret and so powerful, even we aren’t allowed to see it.  By the time Annie dragged herself out of bed, it had worked and the sound of rain on a tin roof was a joy to behold.  After our usefulness, we were eager to begin our fact finding mission on the Woman’s Weakly discovery tour of Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Insect Puzzle

However, before we were allowed out in the big wide world, Annie made us do some puzzles.  If we didn’t solve them she was taking us nowhere so we put our thinking caps on and began the assault on them.  Chop did finish first (she is extremely competitive) and for her prize she was allowed to open a stubby of frothy stuff.  It was after pub opening time in our own state, so she felt okay doing so.  She then sat smugly looking at Sal and me,  trying to get ours done.  I finished mine next and regardless of what Chop says, there IS such a thing as a Chernobyl two bummed black spotted Beetle.  Finally Sal finished hers so we were finally ready to journey out into WaWa Land.

Back packs and comfy shoes on, we headed down to Fremantle since Annie’s daughter Peta assured us that the markets were open, we found a good park and headed in, only to find out they were shut.  However we were not to be disappointed and we found another carpark instead and went to the local shops.  We found lots of nicknacky shops with smelly candles and stuff in them and after Chop started giving us “THE LOOK” we went for lunch at Rosie O’Grady’s.  Chop doesn’t like shopping much… it’s get in, buy what you need and get the hell outta there so we all caved like weaklings at “THE LOOK”.  We had a lovely meal though we think Annie got a bit confused and thought the cigarette machine was a poker machine and lost her money on it.  We got a few nice photos and headed out to explore further.

Rosie O'Grady's Fremantle

We found another little shop around the corner where they had some great novelty stuff and I managed to find Sal a cute little smoke tin that said Trailer Park Queen which she was once lovingly called by a psychopath in a chat room.  We did some other odds and sods and before we risked incurring the wrath of Chop again, we headed back to the car to head home.   Unfortunately the excitement must have been too much for the back seat passengers, Sal and Chop and they were a tad mischievous all the way home.  They annoyed the driver so much she gave them yard duty which meant they had to put the bins out that night…. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

We briefly stopped at a local shop (or deli as the Westies call them) and only Annie and I went in… Bad move to leave the two naughty kids in the car.  When we got back, our seats had been pushed right up to the dash, they had sticky taped a huge kitchen clock to the rear view mirror, stuck felt flowers all over the roof of the car and did numerous other silly childish pranks.  They then proceeded to keep Myrtling me all the way home with their new Myrtle the turtles Annie had bought them to keep them quiet earlier.  We ignored them as much as possible hoping they would stop if they got no attention.

Myrtle the Turtle

We got home and cracked a few coldies, changed into our jammies and settled in for some quiet time.  After a lovely dinner of chooken (chicken), salad and stuff, we sat round watching Chop trying to make everything in the house into a fridge magnet.  Myrtle wouldn’t stick but the chico baby lolly did.  It was all fun till they decided I should be the next fridge magnet and stuck one to my forehead and attached me to the fridge.  Then Sal stuck lollies all over her face and to her teeth.. Sigh.. children.  I did a great Tina Turner impersonation which was sadly missed by the camera.  Pity really, because if I had a bit more of a tan you’d never have picked the difference between Tina and me. I have all the moves.

We shifted into the lounge to watch My Name is Earl and we were all starting to fade slightly so I decided to have a bit of a look around the inside of my eyelids.  Sal thought it would be hilarious to keep sticking the fringe of her blankie (her security blanket-come-shawl) up my nose disturbing my eyelid inspection.  Annoyed, I sent the girls out to do their yard duty they’d been assigned earlier.  They procrastinated and then confessed they were really quite afraid they may be attacked by feral quokkas and the bandicoot bandit.  They had been listening to too many urban myths I think.  Sal finally caved and said she would do her duty and disappeared.. for a very long time.  She finally arrived back safely (it’s a long way to the front gate) only to find Chop had locked her out.  When she finally got back inside, the frivolity of the day got to them and Miss Chop headed off to the land of nod leaving Sal snoozing on Gary’s chair.  Thankfully he had evacuated it earlier to go to bed or he may have been squished, and Annie & I were left to solve the problems of the world in peace and quiet.

For a brief moment, Annie &  I did consider wreaking some havoc on Sal while she slept but SOMEONE has to be the grown up so when she wouldn’t go to bed, we covered her with some more blankets and left her snoozing on the chair.  We headed off to bed, happy after such a good day..

fremantle markets