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Talk about unlikely heroes…. Fearless Fly was definitely another of my favorite childhood characters. I think it had something to do with the way the mild mannered Hirem became strong and fearless the moment he put his glasses on.  This is the opposite to the usual stereotype. Usually, like Superman, mildmannered people take their glasses off and become strong, sending the message to kids all over the world that if you wear glasses you are weak.  It was a nasty stereotype to have.  I never wore glasses but know the anguish some of the kids I went to school with went through because of their eyesight enhancers.

Here, much to the delight of bespectacled kids all over the world, poor little Hirem sees evil and to right the wrong, he finds a matchbox, dons his glasses and becomes the hero that no flypaper can stop, no fly swatter can harm and no insecticide can stop .. His antennae winds around itself so he has one strong powerful beacon in the middle of his head for the millions of megatrons all powered by his big, square, television shaped glasses.   Ah, they don’t make shows like that anymore, ……. and of course, the jingle was great… not sung admittedly, but still one you could recite along with the voiceover guy, just like the superman opening theme.

Fearless Fly aka Hirem, was part of the Milton the Monster cartoon stable.  His cartoons were part of the show in between Milton episodes.  This was  typical of cartoon shows of that era.  A main character’s cartoons interspersed with minor characters.  I never understood why Fearless Fly was a minor character as he had such a huge amount of charisma and charm.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, reliving my childhood.

Fearless Fly