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Daydreaming is one of my favorite occupations.  I’ve written about the laws of attraction previously and I believe wholeheartedly that imagining something is the start of it coming to being.  It’s not a magic spell or anything remotely “ooger boogerish”, it’s just common sense.  The more you focus on something, it becomes reality.

If you focus constantly on finding a partner, chances are you will find one.  Did you make them magically appear?  No..  But you did spend your available with your eyes open looking for the opportunity to meet them.  I’m not going to say it’s the right person, because sometimes we get so fixated on just what we want without being too specific, so we settle for less than we deserve.

Before we start to look with our eyes for what we want, we have to be specific in our mind.  If you were going out to buy a big dollar item, you would  usually research it first to make sure it was going to fit your requirements. Now, that doesn’t mean that your impulse buy can’t be good, but usually it’s best to plan.  I say this as I once bought a car because a girlfriend convinced me it would be good as it matched my hair color.  I have to say, it was a good car but perhaps not as practical for us as I would have liked.

We tend to forget that we have the right to also have the partner/job/house/car/lifestyle that suits our requirements too.  Too often though, our imagination is completely out of focus, so we can’t see what it is we want or deserve. If we are specific in what it is we want, we have much more chance of getting it, than if we really don’t know what we want so just accept the first thing that comes along.

While sometimes an ambling drive in the country with no clear direction is lovely, you wouldn’t head out your front door, suitcase packed, with the thought of getting to a specific destination without a clear idea in your head about how you were going to get there or even what mode of transport you were going to take..  Yet we seem to be half hearted when it comes to putting a life plan into action.  I am so guilty of this.  I have waited all my life for things to fall into place with no idea of what it really was that I wanted.

Perhaps another analogy is with a camera (my passion).  If you are taking a photo, do you just randomly shoot it and not focus on the subject of the  shot you want?  Of course not..  You don’t just aim at nothing and expect a good photo.  If you want a good photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for example, you have to have the camera turned on, plan that the photo you want is of the Harbour Bridge and point the camera in the right direction.  If you aren’t aiming, chances are you aren’t going to get the shot.  And if you HAVE aimed but not focused, then it may be a lousy photo.  Plan, aim and focus… They are the key points of photography and indeed life itself.

Nowadays, I have a much more clear idea of what it is I want out of life and am not prepared to compromise on the big things.  I”m no longer prepared to settle for second best as I deserve to have what it is I want in life.  I’m not talking all the riches in the world (although it would be nice) but more about the sort of people who share my journey and living my passion rather than living someone else’s.

I see statuses on facebook constantly from people who are bemoaning their existence.  We all need to have a moan every now and then, so I’m not criticising it, but if you make a suggestion to these people on how they might enrich their lives they have a reason why they can’t.  Unless you are prepared to open you mind and your heart to the possibility of life going your way, it probably never will.  It’s not an overnight success program,  but once you open your mind to that possibility, you’d be surprised how opportunities present themselves that will enable you to follow your dream.  They were probably always there but you were so focused on the negative things happening that you never saw them.

Just try it for a while. Try to ignore the negative spin your mind is presenting to you and focus your thinking.  First of all, write down how you want your life to be.  Write a day in your journal 5 years in advance.  eg.  It’s the 3/3/18 and a beautiful day.  I get up in the morning thankful for my beautiful house that I share with my wonderful partner.  After a healthy breakfast, I go out and get into my pink lamborghini and head to my job as a tv, lifestyle presenter.

Fill it full of as much detail as you can muster.. and if after you read it back, you change your mind.. then change the story.  At least then you will have some idea of what it is you want out of life as you are  writing it yourself.  The storyline is changeable.. you are, after all, the author of your own story, so make it a damn good one.

After you’ve done that, start to think on ways you could make it happen.  Your mind will automatically fill up with all the negatives but as you start to silence them, you’ll be surprised how easy it eventually becomes.  It’s just a habit.  Once you’ve opened your mind to the possibilities, the “how” becomes a whole lot easier.  I found it easy to create a vision board.  I have one as my screen saver on the computer.  Everything I want in life is on there, flashing before me, making it easier to visual all the good I want in my life.

Give it a try.  What do you have to lose except nothing?  Dream and make it big.  Plan how to make it all happen.. Then live like it is already here.  Put yourself truly in the picture.  It honestly does work.  It’s just a matter of getting your imagination into focus.  If I can do it, I know you can too..

Happy focusing… Livvy 🙂

Plan, Aim & Focus