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Here in Australia, we have a much loved television presenter/comedian by the name of Adam Hills.  He is a natural.  His humour is kind but funny.  He doesn’t use other people’s misfortune as a basis for his comedy and just comes across as one of the all round nice guys.  He laughs at himself easily and has the audience eating out of his hand.  Adam was also born without a right foot and has worn a prosthetic limb most of his life.  He is currently hosting a show called “The Last Leg” which is indicative of his ability to laugh at himself. He’s also quite a honey to look at. In case you haven’t noticed, I love Adam Hills.

I just watched a piece from one of his Last Leg shows in which he attacked Joan Rivers.  It is so rare to see Adam get so angry about anything that I really sat up and took notice.  He took exception to Joan River’s jokes about the singer Adele and her weight.  Joan River’s said some disgusting things about Adele on the David Letterman show and Adam was, to say the least, fired up about it.  I’m with him all the way.

What makes a celebrity, who basically has no talent and is so paranoid about aging that she has more plastic in her body than Lego World, think she has a right to denigrate another woman because of her weight. This woman has made a living out of insulting, denigrating and abusing people.  That, Ms Rivers, is not talent.  Anyone can do that. Don’t confuse sarcasm and vitriol with wit and humour. They are vastly different.  Perhaps if you REALLY want to know how an exceptional comedienne operates, you should hire out a few reruns of the Lucille Ball show.  Lucy was hilarious without having to resort to the gutter humour you have progressed to. You have tried to emulate Phyllis Diller’s style of humour but she had something you don’t have…. originality, decency and some class.

Let’s get a few things straight.  Adele is not only a talented songwriter, she has a unique and beautiful voice.  She is a beautiful looking girl and completely comfortable in her own NATURAL skin.  She has just had a baby so is possibly still carrying some pre baby weight on her and doesn’t really look like she gives a damn about it.  On top of all that, she just seems like a nice, everyday kind of woman. Joan Rivers is obviously threatened by such natural beauty and talent and so has to go on the attack.

Is it any wonder women (and men to some degree) are judged wholly and solely by the way they look.  When a so called celebrity and a renowned talk show host (David Letterman) can base a whole interview around a person’s body weight, they are sadly lacking in new material and in humanity.  I am heartily sick of people being judged by their looks and weight.  Am I saying this because I am a big girl too? Maybe…… but I like to think it has more to do with a person’s right to not be bullied.  Joan Rivers is a bully, pure and simple.

When looks are considered more important than talent and brains, the world really is a sad place.  I like to think that most of humanity will see beyond the outer shell and into the soul.  I guess if you are lacking in that inner beauty yourself, you would find it hard to recognise in another person.  It would be no more acceptable if Joan Rivers was a beauty herself, but considering the grotesque caricature she has become, I find it even more disturbing that she feels she still has the right to criticise someone else.  I know you are now thinking, “hey, now she’s judging by looks too”.  I guess I am to some degree, but it’s never been what I noticed about her.  The thing I have always noticed about Joan Rivers is her lack of humour.

I love comedy.  I love laughing. I love funny people.  She leaves me cold.  I never got into Seinfeld either as basically, they weren’t likable characters.  I don’t want to watch a show full of nasty people.  That’s probably why I avoid shows like Housewives of Beverly Hills and the like.  I want to see people of substance.  People who give back to their communities and mankind in general.

I’d much rather listen to Adele’s dulcet tones singing Rolling in the Deep, rather than the annoying, loud, brash and badly modulated crowing of Joan Rivers. I’d rather see a woman or man comfortable in their own skin than see them so obsessed with staying young that they torture their body and face.  I’d rather watch a character on a television program that has a heart rather than someone who is totally self obsessed and mean spirited.  If we keep allowing this sort of rubbish on our screens, we can’t be surprised when our children are bullied and teased for their supposed shortcomings.

What happened to “nice” being an essential quality? What happened to a beautiful nature being more important than a beautiful face and body? Physical beauty fades, regardless of how much plastic or botox you have pumped into your skin.  A beautiful nature never grows old.  I’m not a man, so I can’t speak for what they see as attractive, but I think most would agree that a woman who has aged gracefully and who is kind and generous of spirit is the sort of woman they would rather grow old with.

But back to Adam Hills.   He talks about Adele being the kind of role model he wants his daughter to look up to.  I’m sure by this he means he wants his own daughter to be happy in her own skin, whatever that skin may look like.  I’m sure he would love his own daughter to strive to be the best she can be without trading on her looks or sexuality to go places.  I like Adam Hills, because in a world where comedians make a living by dissing other people and making fun of them, he makes people laugh by just being a nice guy.  He doesn’t go for the shock value either.  He doesn’t need to put in the obligatory foul language to amuse people.  He does it by just being funny.

The video rant he did do is actually quite out of character in that he did abuse someone (Joan Rivers) and he did swear.  For such a gentle, funny man to come out, all guns blazing, in defense of a talented, beautiful woman who just happens to choose not to starve herself to fit the mould of what most pop stars feel they have to be, just puts him even higher in my estimation.

Adam, if you run for parliament.. I’m definitely going to vote 1 Adam Hills.

Happy Voting… Livvy 🙂

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