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Don’t you hate it when you lose the last excuse you had for being tied down?  While it is true I have had a life that has been devoted to others, I have also used that as an excuse over the years not to succeed.  I’ve been busy looking after other people for many years now and I’ve given myself permission not to do all the things I’ve longed to do as a result.

I want to travel.. I want to feed my soul.  I want to bask in the history of European cities, a history so old, we can’t begin to understand it in our relatively young nation… I want to see other cultures.. I want to gaze upon the artworks I have only seen in books and magazines for years… I want to write… I want to take amazing photographs….. I want to make a mark on the world….. So many things I want to do and I’ve left it so late to do them all.

When I was young, I always assumed I would be famous.  I would be recognised for some amazing talent and be “discovered”.  When that never happened, I made the excuses that it was because I couldn’t have got away anyway as I was too busy looking after others.. My grandmother, my parents, my kids…. all were used as an excuse.  Just lately, I’ve even used my dog as an excuse as I couldn’t leave him for long periods of time.  Now I’m not saying they weren’t reasonable excuses as they DID need my attention for so many years but it’s now my time to succeed.

Well, my grandmother is long gone, as are my parents.  My daughter is with them in heaven.. and both my sons are settled and happy with their lives.  Now that my little canine mate Bobby has gone to join the family in the sky,  I have no excuses left.  It’s time I just got busy and did all those things I’ve always longed to do.  It’s time to put all those plans into motion and stop being afraid of failure.

I can now drop everything and go away for a few weeks at a time with nothing stopping me and no one I need to be home for.  If the opportunity comes up to do something out of my comfort zone, I can no longer say, “Oh sorry I can’t do that, I have to be home for……….. ”  Of course, I do have some obligations but in all reality, if that golden opportunity presents itself… I can do it.. Even more importantly, I can now go looking for the golden opportunity and make it happen rather than waiting for it.

Fear has held me back more than other people needing me.  I’m terrified of failure and even more scared of success.  What if I get everything i ever wanted and it turns out to be not really what I wanted after all……… Well, what if I get everything I ever wanted and …… wait for it……… IT’S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED!

It struck me today that the last excuse is no longer able to be used.  Nothing is holding me back except for me and I refuse to hold myself back anymore.. Now, the opportunities will present themselves and I will take them… I can’t wait to get started.  Watch this space… I’m about to start really living..

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Happy living…. Livvy 🙂

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