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Well… 6 months ago, after a few days of trying to set a site up on WordPress, I was finally happy with the results I achieved and sat down to write my very first blog.  Now, 6 months down the track I have written 155 pieces, I have 266 followers, 820 comments and 9185 views.   To say I’m amazed is an understatement.  I’m completely gobsmacked.

Since then I’ve also started another 2 blogs.  Livonne Photography and Memories Livonne.   Livonne Photography was set up for my TAFE course and Memories Livonne showcases the slideshows I create for special occasions.  But this is still the primary blog.  It’s where I share my thoughts, my ramblings, my photos and my soul.  To think you, my readers, feel you want to share the journey with me is completely humbling.

I expected friends to have a read occasionally but to have had so much interest from around the world is just so heartwarming.  I have made new friends and I join your journeys that you so generously share on your blogs.  I read your blogs and I run the gamut of emotions from tears to laughter to inspiration and everything in between.  The WordPress community is a great place to belong.  So many amazing people with such incredible stories to tell.  I love being a part of it.

When I was a child I wanted to be a writer but along with most things, I didn’t feel I had what it takes to do that.  I adored my parents but they didn’t encourage us to dream.  They were children of the Great Depression and that affected the way they saw life. They thought it was kinder to bring your children up to expect nothing… that way you weren’t disappointed.  It’s not how I think.. I dream and I dream big.  It’s the only way to get more is to expect more.

So here I am, following my dream to some degree.  This blog makes me feel like I am leaving a legacy of some sort… a piece of myself for the world to get to know and understand.  I’m so thrilled you are with me on the journey.  I hope you stay traveling along this road with me and I look forward to many many more years of Livonne.com.au being around.

Just as an afterthought, the People’s Choice Award for Best Blog 2013 is almost closed.  Please remember to head on over to Best Blogs 2013 and vote for Livonne.  Just follow the prompts.

So time to get my imagination back in focus and start to dream big again.  Life is fantastic.

Happy Reading.. Livvy 🙂

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