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I’ve been really busy again lately.   Life’s been complete bedlam.  So what does a girl do when she’s already got too much on her plate?? That’s right.. she agrees to go on a night photo shoot 2 hours from home.

So last night, 3 of the girls I go to TAFE with, went into Sydney to see if we could capture night photography.  I’ve always envied those beautiful photos of bright lights.  They look so tranquil.   They make cities look beautiful and classy.  Taken through the day, so many cities look grey and gloomy….. add lights and voila…. instant glamour.  So we set out to emulate those photos. We got home at nearly midnight, completely exhausted but still excited.

Now I know these photos have been done to death…. BUT NOT BY ME!!!  To finally achieve something that I could be happy with was just such an achievement.  So sorry readers.. I’m going to bore you with a few of my favorites.  I’m going to do it again in a few weeks to see if I can improve.  Learning photography is an ongoing process but I finally feel like I’ve turned a corner..