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After an absence of the diaries for a bit, they are back and approaching the end of our trip to Perth in 2006.  And so the adventure continues:

Day 9.. The YaYa Initiations

We woke up this morning…. that’s really good news considering what the place smelled like last night after the stove episode.  I thought it might get cold last night, so I left the poxy little oil filled column heater on all night, so whilst we woke up in a lather of sweat due to the subtropical conditions in the room.. we woke up so we  were pleased.

We packed fairly quickly and put all our stuff in the car.  It has ceased to look like the luggage we brought with us.  The YaYa tags have fallen off and our stuff is just stuffed in. We’ve been doing the sniff test to see what’s clean or dirty.  Nothing is ironed and we are starting to look quite disheveled.  The next leg of our tour awaits us, so car packed, we headed around the corner to a cafe in Dunsborough for brekky.  They had the most gorgeous painting on the wall so I had to take a photo of it and food??    Yummooo.. Chop and Sal had smoke salmon and eggs benedict  with spinach leaves that I noted Miss Chop didn’t eat.. tsk tsk.. Annie and I had bacon and eggs.  I had a chocolate milkshake and this time they put TOO much topping in but the upside was, unlike Cape Leeuin, it was delivered in well under an hour.

Loaded up with more food (we’ve indulged way too much on this journey) we drove down the road beginning our trip home.  We  called in to have a look at “Petite YaYa Up To No Good” (aka Annie’s daughter Peta)’s new holiday home under construction.  Annie wanted to take a pic of any old block and tell Peta it was the one but nooooo.. we made her keep driving till we found the right on.  We took a few snaps and drove on down the road.  After a while we stopped for petrol and found a great little furniture store while we were there.  We went in for a perve and found lots of that big chunky furniture made form a big slap of wood and left with the natural line of the timber.  Fantastic.. though it would take 352 men (Chop’s favorite number but it doesn’t come up very often) a week to shift it. Still it was very impressive.  We oooooooohed… we ahhhhhhhhed and then we looked at the price tag and quickly left.  Just for something completely different we got back into the car and headed on our way.  This time we finally got home with no more stops and we unpacked the car…… Time to prepare for tonight’s initiation ceremony.. The WaWa’s will finally become YaYa’s.. Wooohooooo!!

We did a bit of a tidy up, like putting all our junk back in our rooms and we prepared some nibblies and a few things for our secret women’s business night.  We were now raring to go.  Before we knew it the girls started to arrive… in their jammies of course. There was Kareyn, Karen WA, Myra, DAre2DReam, Chrissy, Annie of course and Chop was the other inductee, as only Sal and I were official YaYa’s.  We fed Gary, drugged his food and put him to bed where we knew he’d sleep well.  After he was out of the way for the night, we had a  few drinkipoos, a bit of a chat, duly admired the new inductees YaYa hats and then it was time for the ceremony to start.  From here on in, the details must be sketchy as this is secret women’s business and there may be men reading this.  If I tell them, I’ll have to kill them so I want to keep them safe lol.

So, to cut a long but secret story shot, all inductees were inducted with due pomp and ceremony… they were given their YaYa titles and were crowned with their head dresses.  They all wore their bangles of the YaYa as a sign of the never ending ring of friendship and they all stood up to the ceremony with the strength and dignity you’d expect of a YaYa.  There was very little blood letting and no one passed out or threw up.  It’s obvious that the tourists on the boat to Rottnest a few days ago weren’t YaYa’s.  We shouted our secret women’s business chant and then refreshed our drinks to settle in for the night and watch The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (the holy grail movie for all YaYa’s) If you have never seen this movie…. GO GET IT…. RIGHT NOW… GO ON.. I SAID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

After the movie, we poured a few more drinks and then we had to play the chocolate game.  I can’t tell you all the details as, you may have guessed, it’s secret women’s business but the gist of it is.. you have to roll a dice, spin a six and eat just one square of a frozen block of chocolate with a knife and fork until someone else spins a six.  It also involved a tea towel and other paraphernalia but we can’t talk about that now.. By this time it was getting a tad dark, so we were a bit scared of losing Sal under the MPB (Multi Purpose Blankie and occasional cloak of invisibility) so we painted her face with glow in the dark cream but we still couldn’t’ see her.. That MPB is just too good at hiding her.

We drank some more, laughed some more, ate some more and just plain had a ball but finally the girls who were heading home started to drift off.  We didn’t want them to go but when they left, we headed off to bed too, tired and weary but feeling all warm and fuzzy after our caring and sharing  night of fun and frivolity.  The days are flying by too quickly and our departure is getting closer.  We’re going to miss it over here, lovely people.. lovely place.  I was going to say lovely weather but they tell me they are saving it all up till we go home.. They don’t want to share it.   Big day tomorrow.. We’re doing something but until the girls remind me, I can’t remember what it is.  So for now.. it’s Adieu dear friends.. parting is such sweet sorrow and all that.. It’s time for bed..

In the cafe.