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Isn’t it funny how you can sing a song with the wrong words all of your life and even when you find out the real words, and they are PARTICULARLY important to you, your brain still keeps reverting to the previously implanted version.. That has happened to me this week..

I was trying to work out what was the best time of year to go to Ireland and the song “Old Lammas Fair” popped into my head.  As most of my regular readers will know, my grandmother Gargie, was Irish and influenced my life greatly.  When I was very young, someone gave her a vinyl LP album of Ruby Murray’s “Irish and Proud of It”.  I knew (and still know) every song on that album.  One of the songs is called The Old Lammas Fair and I have always sung this bright cheery song loud and proud.  However, it seems I was singing the wrong words.

What I sang was, At the old Lammas Fair and valley castle oh!  The actual words are.. At the old Lammas Fair at Ballycastle Oh.  Hmmmm.. Now the stupid thing here is, Ballycastle is on my list of places I want to see but not once did I put the two together to come up with the right words.

Anyway.. the reason this knowledge came to light is that in trying to work out what time of year to go to Ireland, the song popped into my head out of nowhere (or, as I believe,  divinely guided) and I looked on Google to see if there really was an old Lammas Fair.. Well blow me down, there is.. AND it’s held at Ballycastle.. FINALLY.. the light went on in my brain and I put the two together and then Googled Old Lammas Fair lyrics.  Ahuh.. so I now have to try to reprogram my brain from singing the words that I’ve sung since I was a bout 4 years old.  This may take some reprogramming but anyway, the REAL point of my story is…………………………………..

I’M GOING TO IRELAND! It’s been a long time coming but the trip is finally planned.  August 2014 and I’ll be walking on Irish soil.  I’m excited, thrilled, terrified, over the moon and exhilarated. And while I’m there, I’m going to the Old Lammas Fair which is held in August each year at Ballycastle.. (you were wondering where these disjointed ramblings were headed didn’t you?)

So finally, I am able to live out my dream and head to Eire, the land which stole my heart without ever having set foot on it’s soil.  I could go now, but since I have committed to a Diploma course in photography which will finish mid next year, I have decided to wait a while longer and really reward myself with a longer holiday.

When I told son number 1,, about the song popping into my head and googling the fair and deciding on the strength of that, to go in August 2013, he didn’t even look at me like he was trying to work out if he should call the men in white coats for me.  Instead he said.. mmmmm.. isn’t that when the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is on.. Again, I googled it and yes, he was right, bless him.  So I now have a starting point for my holiday and I have two things (in two countries) planned.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m all the things I mentioned earlier.  I am overwhelmed.  I am terrified.  I am excited.  I am amazed.  Most of all, I am incredibly blessed. Timing is everything and I know if I had gone before this time in my life, I would have had so many other things claiming my attention that I wouldn’t have  been able to enjoy it as I will when I finally get there.

I’m at a time in my life where I am finally free to set out without having so many claims on my time and my attention.  My sons have grown and are happy and settled.  My grief, whilst always there, has become a comfortable emotion rather than the overwhelming, gut wrenching feeling it once was.  I’m happy and content nowadays.  All these things mean that I can go to Ireland (and surrounding areas) and just soak it all in. Bliss!

I’m also currently working on a travel blog too, which will document my travels, starting with next week’s trip to Alice Springs, so that is also a huge part of my life journey…. learning my life passion (writing) and embracing it.  So, if you know anyone who runs a business in any part of the world, who might like their accommodation, tourist venue, transport business, restaurant etc, tried and then reviewed on my blog and hopefully in travel magazines (I have a few things happening there too), please put them in touch.  I’ll share a link to the blog once it’s ready to go.

Life truly is great.  To anyone who is going through hard times, please don’t give up.  I’m here to tell you that it does get better but there are no shortcuts.  You have to work your way through the mire before you get to the stage where you can start to enjoy where you are. You’ll have to forgive me if I rave on a bit about this over the next 13 months, but I’ll try not to rave too much.

I hope you’ll come along on my journey with me, albeit online.  I am finally on my wayto the land that has 40 shades of beautiful.   And always remember…….. De reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain (it takes time to build castles)  The wait will be worth it.  Ireland I am coming home.

Happy Planning.. Livvy 🙂


Ireland I am coming home