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Okay, so today I’m on a bit of a rant.. and it’s all about reverse racism, reverse sexism, reverse ageism, reverse everythingism really!  Keep reading, because it’s not all about politics.  It has a bit of everything in it.  So here goes….

Here in Australia, we have a new Prime Minister this morning.  Kevin Rudd (our former PM) had the numbers last night to take leadership from our first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard (who had the numbers 3 years ago when she took the leadership from Kevin Rudd).  I hate the way politics is played in this country but I don’t think we are any different from the rest of the world.  It’s all a numbers game.  If you don’t believe other countries are the same, take a really good look at them.  Everyone has an agenda and they will do deals with others who will back that agenda.  Do I like it? No! Do I think it is unique to Australia?? No! Do I think it is unique to just one political party? No! It’s an “over the board” situation.

What I hate most of all though, is hearing the gender card being played out.  I’m not going to bag out or praise Ms Gillard here.. that’s not the point of this rant.  But, I’m already over hearing people say it’s because she’s a woman.  Was it because she was a woman that she took leadership in the first place or did she actually deserve the job.  She took the position from him in the same way he did to her last night. I don’t see how the gender card can be pulled here. It’s simply called POLITICS!

Personally, I would not want to be elected to ANY position purely on the basis of my gender.  I didn’t vote her in first time around.. I’ll put my hand up proudly and say I voted for Kevin Rudd as I thought he was the best PERSON for the job.  Not the best man… the best PERSON.  If he had been up against Julia Gillard for the position at the time, I would still have voted for him because I believe he was the best person for the job.

Was I also happy to finally see a woman take the top job? Yes actually, I was.  A female Prime Minister changes the game for girls everywhere.  No longer do we have to accept second best.  I’m sure it’s how African-American’s felt when Obama got elected as the first black President of the USA.  It opens up a whole new playing field for the next generation.  The word is out there.. WE CAN BE ANYTHING WE WANT TO BE! Our gender, skin color, religion and race cannot hold us back if we want to achieve. I can’t wait to see a female President too.  What a day that will be.

I am staunchly proud of the way woman have managed to improve their standing in our society and am eternally grateful for our fore sisters who battled well before us to enable us to have the rights we now have.  Is there still a long way to go? Yes… but boy, we’re better off than we were when I was a child.  Watch the movie Made in Dagenham and have a bit of a peek at how hard they had to fight for the rights we are privileged to have now.

A woman in politics is as susceptible to being overthrown as a man.  A woman in any senior position anywhere puts herself in the firing line the same as men in senior positions do.  Isn’t that what we’ve been wanting all along.. EQUALITY!  The best way to wreck the credibility that has been building over the years is to jump up and down, screaming gender inequality, when actually, she’s just been treated the same way she treated a man.  We can’t have it both ways.

I hate reverse sexism.  I want to be chosen for a position because I’m the best person for the job.. not because there is a quota of women needed to fill positions.  I feel I can hold my own against any man and I’m not frightened of playing the game.  Let’s compare politics to a game of football.

So, in Australia, girls over the age of about 12 are no longer allowed to play football with the boys.  Let’s imagine then, that a huge law suit is taken out, allowing women to be allowed to play AFL football.  Great!  The first woman who goes out to play gets tackled by a male player, completely within the rules of the game.  She gets thrown to the ground.  Do we then have him charged with assault because she’s a woman? Of course not.  If you want to play with the boys, you are going to get treated like them.  There’s no way we can move forward if we want equality that favors women.. THAT’S NOT EQUAL! It’s not right and it’s not just.  It’s political correctness gone mad.

Now to my next rant… Reverse racism.  I woke up this morning, not just to a new Prime Minister but to a message on my YouTube account.  For Australia Day this year, I made a slideshow expressing my pride in our nation.  I am damn proud to live in Australia.  I love my country and I feel blessed to have been born and raised here.  I embrace multi culturalism and respect the traditions and beliefs of those who have made Australia their home and those whose forefathers were the very first Australians.  This was the premise of the slideshow.  So to open the comment and see the abuse from someone who accuses me of taking his land and murdering his people was just flabbergasting.

Atrocities happened in this country when the first settlers landed and until many years later.  It was not a proud part of our history.  Sadly the same sort of  atrocities have happened all over the world.  The American Indians, Africans, Aborigines, Jewish, Irish, Scottish…… the list goes on and on.  It is a sad fact that every country has been affected by some sort of violence and even attempted eradication aimed at either race, religion or ethnicity.

My grandmother’s people were forced off the land in their country, Ireland.  Would I now say I have a claim to that land on her behalf? NO! What happened there was horrendous too but it happened in a time where it was considered acceptable that the strongest took it all.  That doesn’t make it right.. but it’s in the past.  Once again, we cannot move forward if we don’t let go of the past.

I treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion.  I expect to be treated as a person in return, regardless of my race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.  I supported Kevin Rudd’s apology to our native Australians and felt it was long overdue.  But we can’t go back and change it..and I will not apologise for loving this country that, I too, was born in.  We can only ensure it never happens again.  There is still a lot of inequality here in this country but it isn’t just one particular race.  We have a long way to go to make this country as free as we’d like to think it is but the only way to achieve that is to work together to build and improve..

While we’re at it, let’s talk about weight as well.  I get damn annoyed by dating websites where someone says they are looking for a big girl.  I find that almost as offensive as I do the morons who state “no fat chicks please”.  If I am ever to have a relationship with someone, I would like him to love ME… not what I do or don’t look like.  Looks change, weight fluctuates, bodies sag with age.  None of that lasts forever (except the sagging lol)… so I’m also as anti ‘fat’ism as I am reverse anti fatism.. (I don’t think that’s a word but today, I’m making it one).. I don’t want to be loved because I’m big as much as I don’t want to be overlooked because I’m not slim.

I don’t want to get a job because there is a mandate that states an employer has to put on x percent of women, x percent of people over 50, x percent of a certain race, religion or sexual orientation.  I want to get a job because I am the best person for the job.  I would also refuse to work for someone who employed me because I’m straight.  Does my sexual preference  make me a better worker than a gay person? Not at all.  I might be, but it would have everything to do with motivation, experience, attitude and education and nothing to do with the fact that I’m attracted to men, not women.

Some jobs call for specifics and I have no problem with that.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable having a male fit me for a bra. Sorry but I think that is a woman’s domain.  I’m not really cut out to be a bikini model.  Even if I wanted to wear one, I don’t think most people would want to see me in one.  I’m not really the right age to host whatever the new equivalent of Bandstand or Countdown is.  If I was the right age, I’d probably know what the equivalent program was.

Equality is needed.  I hope this new old Prime Minister (or is he an old new one.. I’m not sure) actually brings in the marriage equality laws this country deserves.  If I’m allowed to get married, then so are my gay friends and family.  I hope that racist rants become a thing of the past, regardless of the race of the person doing the ranting. I hope women and men competing for one position are judged wholly and solely on their qualifications, experience and merit, not just because they are a man… or because they are a woman.  Either reason for employing someone is as bad as the other.

Hopefully this world will become a more loving and harmonious place to be.  The improvements  made even since I was a child have been phenomenal.  Let’s hope they keep improving.  Maybe, in time,  this country can start to lead the way in peace, harmony and love.

Happy respecting… Livvy 🙂