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I found this quote recently and it was just exactly how I feel about photography.  Every photo I take has something of other people, other places, other times in it.  A tree may remind me of the Magic Faraway Tree so I have to capture it.  It may be a flower that my mum loved so I capture it.  A ruin of a building may bring to mind a song that I love, so I capture it.  Photography brings back memories.  It’s a teleporter and transports you across time right back to a moment you have lived before.  It’s a reminder of those people and places that we love. It is the promise that we will never forget the face, smile or eyes of our loved ones.  Sometimes our memory starts to fade but a photo polishes it back up again and restores it.

The photo below was taken in the studio.  I love the romance of old photos.  They remind me of the years we spent processing our old negatives with some left over dark room equipment that we had.  I have no idea where it came from but I loved watching the photos starting to appear on the paper.  It was like magic.  Photography still is magic to me.  I still get a thrill out of getting a shot I love.  All the photos in the background of this are of my family.  They are the photos we used to process from our old negatives.  Photography is magical. Photography