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As I told you in my last blog, I’ve had a holiday in the Northern Territory.   I’ve seen all places near and far and am stunned by the beauty that surrounds us.  Travelling with my cousins, we drove up through Mildura, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Uluru and Alice Springs. Whilst the landscape is completely different to what I’m used to, it is breathtaking. You can have a look at my journey by going to Livonne Travel.

We live in the most magnificent country.  We live in a country that is a huge melting pot of cultures, religions and people. So I struggled while I was away at the disrespect shown to our amazing countryside as well as to different cultures.  That folks, is my vent today… about the senseless defacement and disrespect shown by so many people. I have to say I was impressed with the respect shown around Uluru (Ayres Rock).  I think people are overwhelmed by the spirituality of the place when they get there and people treat the area as sacred grounds.  I was thrilled to see the respectful way people acted whilst walking around Uluru.

We got to Kata Tjura (commonly known as The Olgas) and was awe struck with it’s magnificence and beauty.  There are signs all over the place explaining beautifully, that they are considered sacred ground so please don’t climb.  It is so well set up there that you can walk along paths with signs explaining so much of the dreamtime and culture of our aboriginal brothers and sisters.  So, imagine my disgust when i saw some dropkick climbing up into one of the holes.  Worse still, his little daughter was climbing up after him… Now let me tell you something.. This was a steep climb.  There are also fallen rocks all around, so not only was this moron completely disrespecting another culture, but he was putting his little girl at risk and teaching her to be a moron too.  The photos don’t show his face properly but if perchance you do know him…. tell him from me he’s a dropkick.

When we got to Alice Springs, we went for a walk to Mt Gillam.  Okay, I only got halfway, it was too steep for me.  But imagine my chagrin when I was walking along this track just soaking in the beauty around me, to find someone felt it necessary to say hi to Mel by painting on a boulder with blue paint.  Really?  REALLY??  Why can’t you write it in the dirt which the wind and rain will restore to it’s natural habitat.  Why do you have to SPRAYPAINT it?.  In fact, why don’t you just call her or send her a text message?.  Or let’s get really adventurous and say it to her face?.  I don’t get the need to destroy the beauty around us by writing Hi Mel! on rocks.  At least if you are going to deface the beauty around us, write something original or funny or meaningful or at the very least, use your best handwriting.

Of course, then I got a bee in my bonnet about it all.  So I kept noticing things like initials carved into beautiful old ghost gums.  Not romantic ones with a heart that you can ALMOST forgive if you have a romantic heart… no, just their own initials or nicknames.  I saw monuments that had been scratched or painted.. I saw nature being treated with contempt and I saw blatant disrespect for other cultures.  Come on people.  Aren’t we a little too good for this as a country? I raised my kids to treat everyone else’s stuff like it was their own.  I don’t believe in a lot of religions around the world, but I respect their holy areas just as I expect mine to be respected.  That respect has to  include the world around us.  We need to start to recognise what we have here and work harder at preserving it.  I would hate to think that my grandchildren would grow up in a world that resembles the Mad Max movies.  We live in the lucky country…. let’s keep it that way.  We need to speak out and take affirmative action.  This country is too beautiful to deface or disrespect.  Not that I think any of my readers would be doing it, but as Albert Einstein said… The world is a dangerous place to live… not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

I know it’s not easy to speak out and sometimes not safe to do so, but let’s talk about it on a regular basis so the conversation is started.  Maybe people will realise it’s not acceptable behaviour and change their attitude.   We can change the world, bit by bit.

Happy speaking out… Livvy 🙂